Because Of Her Debt Binge, Kathleen Wynne Is The Enemy Of Ontario’s Social Programs

Unless Wynne is defeated, Ontario faces a future of social programs being slashed to the bone because of her decision to keep increasing the already immense burden of debt for her own selfish political benefit.

Kathleen Wynne is using her predictable pre-election tactic of announcing huge debt increases, while saying her opponent is dangerous because they oppose her newly announced spending.

It’s not a new tactic, but it has often been successful for radical leftists like Wynne.

It lets her position herself as the “defender of social programs.”

However, the reality is far different. Kathleen Wynne is actually the enemy of Ontario’s social programs, and here’s why:

Her massive debt binge = massive future cuts to social programs.

The more debt Ontario takes on because of Wynne’s Liberal budget deficits, the more money in the budget gets eaten up every year by debt servicing costs.

Ontario is already paying about a billion every month to service the debt, and that billion is money that is taken from potential investment in healthcare, infrastructure, support for parents, support for students, support for seniors, and other programs.

The Ontario Liberals have tripled the debt, and with interest rates having been increased lately, those debt servicing costs are becoming more and more burdensome. And Wynne wants to make it even worse.

As a result, Ontario – now the most heavily-indebted sub-sovereign jurisdiction on earth – faces an escalating debt problem, made all the worse by Kathleen Wynne’s policies.

This means that unless Wynne is defeated and some sanity is returned to Ontario’s finances, the province faces a future of tax hikes and incredibly painful social program cuts.

It would be disastrous for growth, and it would hurt the very people Wynne ‘claims’ to care about. This fact shows that Wynne’s policies are all about her own selfish political motives, as she must know that if the province continues on the path she has laid out it will mean severe suffering when the price for her endless debt binge is paid.

This is a point the Ontario PCs must make repeatedly. They cannot allow themselves to be put on the defensive as Wynne tries to claim the mantle of “social program defender.” The reality is that because of her debt binge policies, Kathleen Wynne is the enemy of Ontario’s social programs, and that truth must be heard far and wide.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube