ELITIST DECEPTION: Trudeau Government Publicly Says Banks Great On Fighting Money-Laundering, But Secret Internal Report Says Otherwise

The elites have a persistent habit of telling one story to the public, while keeping the truth hidden behind the scenes.

As more and more people are realizing, Justin Trudeau is a servant of the elites – trying to hide that fact behind his discredited messaging about the middle class.

Now, even more evidence of the Trudeau government’s allegiance to the powerful has emerged, as they have been caught telling one story to the public about how the banks are fighting money laundering related to sex-trafficking – while a secret government report marked as “not meant for public release” tells a completely different story.

According to a report by Dean Beeby, “An internal report by Ottawa’s money-laundering watchdog paints a picture of Canada’s banks that’s far less flattering than the one presented in a sanitized report it issued for Parliament and the public.”

Publicly, the government said “Canada’s major banks, led by the Bank of Montreal, invited Fintrac and police to work together to target this heinous and often hidden crime by focusing on the money laundering component of the crime. Project Protect has shown that the Canadian banking sector now sees itself as a full contributor to Canada’s Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorist Regime.”

That’s what they said to the Parliament and to the public.

But here’s what the government is saying in an internal report that was meant to be kept hidden:

“The Sept. 30 document, obtained by CBC News under the Access to Information Act, found “significant” problems at six of the nine banks — including problems in providing Fintrac with suspicious transaction reports, or STRs.”

“In examinations of the banking sector … 67% were found to have significant levels of non-compliance. Deficiencies were identified in obligations related to STR reporting, risk assessment, and policies and procedures …”

Shockingly, “Seven casinos selected for inspection did better than the banks, with just 29 per cent showing “significant” non-compliance.”

Quite different from what they told to the Canadian public.

And here’s what makes it so obvious that it was an elitist deception on the part of the Trudeau government: The report critical of the banks “was delivered to Finance Minister Bill Morneau weeks earlier.”

So, Morneau got the info critical of the banks ahead of time, yet he and Trudeau still authorized the release of a report claiming those banks were doing great.

It’s a total disgrace – and a telling contrast – to see how Trudeau is willing to cover for the big banks, while he attacks Canadians who disagree with him and tries to quell dissent. Once again there is one standard for the elites, and another for the rest of us. Trudeau has no trouble trying to deceive the public to make the banks look better.

This shows who Trudeau is working for, and it’s certainly not the Canadian people.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube