In Speech, Scheer Rips Trudeau For Tax Hikes, Deficits, & Attack On Free Expression

Also pledges to introduce “Act To Repeal The Carbon Tax.”

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer continues to expand on the key themes he will bring up in the upcoming election.

During a recent speech in B.C., Scheer ripped into Trudeau for attacking freedom of speech, and promised to repeal the carbon tax as his first move in office.

As reported by BC Local News, Scheer said “Remember their tax hikes they promised this summer where they demonized hardworking entrepreneurs? They demonized and accused them of being ‘tax cheats’ and manipulating the system and trying to take advantage of something to get something they didn’t earn.”

Scheer criticized the mounting debt that will hurt the next generation, saying “I won’t let Justin Trudeau do to my five kids the same thing that his father did to my generation.”

Scheer also promised the the first piece of legislation he would introduce would be a repeal of Trudeau’s unpopular carbon tax:

“I’m here to tell you the same thing I’ve said in many, many speeches all across the country: the first piece of legislation in a majority conservative government in 2019 will be entitled ‘An Act to Repeal the Carbon Tax.’”

The report also notes that Scheer ripped Trudeau for attacking freedom of speech and going against the Charter of Rights and Freedoms:

“When [Trudeau] says that ‘diversity is our strength,’ I guess he doesn’t mean diversity of views, diversity of opinions, or diversity of beliefs. Section 2 of the Charter says that we all have that right, and by forcing groups and individuals to sign on to a personal attestation, he is running rough-shot over our fundamental Charter rights. And Conservatives won’t let him get away with it.”

Responding to growing concerns about what many are calling Trudeau Liberal’s backdoor gun-registry Bill C-71, Scheer noted that the bill includes the words ‘registrar’ and ‘registration’ over 25 times, yet it doesn’t mention ‘gangs,’ ‘trafficking in firearms,’ or ‘criminal organizations.’ Seems pretty clear what the Liberals are actually trying to do.

Scheer’s speech shows a commitment to provide a clear contrast with Trudeau, offering a smaller-government, pro-freedom agenda to counter Trudeau’s big-government, increasingly authoritarian attitude.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Tommy Hawk

Damn — another ‘light at the end of the long tunnel’?

Well, we can hope — eh?

Ron Voss

Great, Scheer said “the first piece of legislation in a majority conservative government in 2019 will be entitled ‘An Act to Repeal the Carbon Tax.’” However, he whipped his MPs in June 2017 to support a Liberal motion affirming the Paris Climate Accord. So, what is his government planning to address this hoax of man-made climate change that he seemingly believes in?


Very true… Never mentions the immigration mess either.



Ken (Kulak)

Ron, I agree, Which is it? The Paris Accord Andrew Scheer, or the Repeal the Carbon Tax Scheer?
I have not given a dime to the Conservative Party since Andrew did that. I also had a conversation for a while with my local MP, Kelly Block, but all I could get out of her was party baffle gab.

Ned Derkach

Have a serious look at all the DAMAGE done to our country by Justin and his crew of bandits. Time to start acting on TRUDEAU MUST GO

Ray Decorby

Sat it Scheer …Unity Is Our Strength

Dave Bainard

Everytime Jr opens his mouth, Scheer is given more campaign ammo.


Thank you Mr. Scheer and Conservatives the only political party left in Canada that is centered and correct and Canadian. I hope you can also have all the treasonist Lieberals charged and thrown in jail where they belong or long gone, without stealing more of our money, right out of the country that they hate and have severely damaged, no pension for them until they pay Canada back. Goodbye Lieberal/NDP communist, foreign run, non-Canadian government.


Freedom of speech (truth)??? What is that? Unless one is of a special group(s) and not White. I just got off Global and saw some really hateful racist comments made against Whites and about the past — they were not deleted! However when a White person expresses, with discretion, about a “special” groups and tells them to stop with the racist, hateful remarks, the White person’s remarks/comments are deleted !! And what is with this crap about those who are not indigenous being called NON-Indigenous?? Those who are not Indigenous are NOT NON anything!!!!!!


Hear! Hear!


Hi Spencer

Have you looked into bill C-75? You seem to be very much on top of things and apparently this bill is very odious.