JUMPING SHIP: Two More Ontario Liberal Cabinet Ministers Announce They Won’t Run

Not a good sign for how insiders see Kathleen Wynne’s chances.

One of the most consistent signs of a government in trouble is when members of that government decide to jump ship instead of run in the upcoming election.

With that in mind, the announcement by two Ontario Liberal ministers – and another Liberal MPP – that they won’t run in the upcoming campaign is bad news for Kathleen Wynne.

As reported by the CP, “Minister of Consumer Services and Persons with Disabilities Tracy MacCharles, International Trade Minister Michael Chan, and Glengarry-Prescott-Russell MPP Grant Crack announced their plans to leave political life in separate statements issued Thursday morning. The departures come just over two months before the June 7 election and are the latest in a string of senior Liberals who have opted not to run.”

MacCharles and Chan both say that health reasons are why they aren’t running again, and while there may be some truth to that, “health reasons” are used as often as “spending more time with my family” when people decide not to run if they think they can’t win.

Keep in mind, party insiders would be hearing what is really being said about their chances to win, which is likely far different than what Kathleen Wynne wants to project publicly.

MacCharles and Chan join other Liberal ministers – including Deputy Premier Deb Matthews and Treasury Board Secretary Liz Sandals – who announced in 2017 that they wouldn’t run again.

Making it worse for Wynne, even those “announcements came on the heels of similar decisions by Economic Development Minister Brad Duguid, house speaker Dave Levac, and Monty Kwinter, the province’s oldest MPP. Former Environment Minister Glen Murray left the government altogether with a move to the private sector.”

If even her own ministers doubt her chances, it’s a bad sign for Kathleen Wynne.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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The wicked witch Wynne couldn’t win if she was the only one running for office.

Jill Ward

Al, just watch her! Already people are ready to vote her in because of all the fake promises which will never come to pass because there is no money for any of them but it doesn’t matter anyways because the bulk of her voters are on welfare or in government jobs so they get all the best of health care, and other perks for free anyways while the rest of us slave to pay the bills for it all. She will be back in just as trudeau will and then we canadians are done just as canada already is done… Read more »

Brian Dougan

Jill: “Only Canadians”…Only in Canada. What an overpriced; over-governed; over taxed; over controlled; “Wheat Board; Dairy Board; this board, and that board.” Goverment controlled beer and spirits. But! Hey!! We’ve got “the best health care!” Rah rah! Tim Hortons! Multi-cult! Wheee! As former “prime minister” (and Trudeau Sr. bagman) Jean Chretin would say; “De Canada…The bes’ country in de worrrrrl!” Where’s my sickness bag? I’m going to retch. “Canada—rich by nature; poor by government.” (And too many generations of timorous; low information voters.) There will come a day of reckoning. It’s not going to be pleasant. People like Trudeau &… Read more »


They already have their pig trough pensions these people do not deserve.


Arrrrrr matey you Liberals are going to walk the plank


A way too late to retire when they could have done so many months ago for the sake of their constituents who live daily with high taxes under the leadership of Kathleen Wynne.

Tommy Hawk

My goodness gracious, what can the matter be?

This is the best news since finding out winter is about over.

Refreshing, to say the least.