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Tommy Hawk

AGAIN — the obvious escapes the Liberal limited mentality — OR — they are playing for votes by pretending to care just how the west is doing (doubtful) and hoping the electorate as as mentally infantile as they are.

If this was not so funny, it would at least be pitiful.


I’ll tell him for $25K!


This is a Government contract, Duane. You are going the wrong way. Double their estimate at a minimum, and if you promise to hire unemployed Native, French-speaking female ex-ISIS illegal migrants with intentions of having them learn English, you might have a chance.


A guy named “Duane” wouldn’t get the contract anyway… He’s male, and sounds “white”… Big nono


Brad Wall got it right!

Ben Eby

It is difficult to believe that someone in the role of Canadian PM would not already know the reason. Then again this guy has proved to us a multitude of times that his intellectual capacity is somewhat below the norm for a PM. And being under the care of his oppressive, self loathing, principal secretary….he may really not know that Canada’s government has created draconian rules and regulations, designed to curtail Canada’s super clean energy production, and thereby depriving Canada of a major source of revenue. Meanwhile all other counties with the resource are happily filling the worldwide void Canada’s… Read more »

Dave Bainard

So some of Jr’s donors need some pocket money.

Ivan Hawkes

Justin is a rich boy who remains clueless on how hard it is for Canadians to pay for their kids dental help and education etc. He GIVES MILLIONS of OUR DOLLARS to his own Trudeau foundation, no problem. He GIVES AWAY BILLIONS of our hard earned dollars freely. Justin taxes and regulates us and business without regard to consequences. It’s no ownder Canada is loosing business, investment, and highly qualified people.

Ron Voss

With the peoplekind incident, is said that he was not good at telling jokes. This has got to be a joke.

Tommy Hawk

Brad Wall nails it again, simple and to the point — and not debatable.

Scott Drysdale

Justin’s stupidity is EPIC…..makes me want to PUKE!


How many times does he have to demonstrate that He is not a Bright Light?…Bankrupting this beautiful wonderful prosperous Country…and Bankrupt is in fast Track!!!


Right from the very beginning Justin T. stated that he will shut down the oil. No more oil. He should have also said no more common sense. It does not matter that he back tracked on his statement and approved the pipeline. It is very clear that he STILL has every intention to rid this country of it’s natural oil resources by putting every hurdle he can muster up to block the oil industry no matter what he may have said. This government will not be happy until every big and small business heads for the exit, and they already… Read more »


I am from Saskatchewan and we loved our Premier’s common sense approach to governing. The new Premier, Scott Moe is following in Brad’s footsteps and doing a fine job. We need Brad Wall in Federal Government.

Shawn Harris

Justin Trudeau while holding a picture of his departed father,says to himself, dad i am going to finish exactly what you started. The total and complete transfer of wealth from Alberta, Saskatchewan, and now Newfoundland and Labrador, to the federal government. And forcing the oil industry to become a government asset, by way of extreme regulations,high taxes and and anti business attitude. And with those thoughts rolling around the empty head of Trudeau, Justin begins his dream of , not governing for the benefit of all Canadians, but to relive his father’s past. All of these decisions by Trudeau just… Read more »