REPORT: Mortar Attack Kills At Least Two Peacekeepers In Mali UN Mission Trudeau Is Sending Canadians Into

The UN says it’s their most dangerous mission, and Roméo Dallaire says he wouldn’t touch Mali with a 10 foot pole. But Trudeau is sending Canadians into the Mali maelstrom anyway.

At least two UN peacekeepers have been killed and 10 wounded after a mortar attack in Mali.

According to the Associated Press, “Mission spokesman Olivier Salgado says the deaths happened Thursday night when several mortar rounds struck a peacekeeper camp. The attack took place in Aguelhoc in the northern region of Kidal, and the victims were from the Central African nation of Chad.”

The report says “There was no immediate claim of responsibility, though a number of Islamic extremist groups are known to be active in the area.”

The UN calls Mali their most dangerous UN mission, and it’s pretty obvious that it’s not actually peacekeeping mission. There is no peace there to be kept. It’s a war zone, and the government is lying to Canadians when they say otherwise.

Canada has no national interest in Mali, and Roméo Dallaire – the person who probably best understands the danger of a UN-commanded mission in a war-torn African nation – says he wouldn’t touch Mali with a ten foot pole.

Of course, Trudeau is ignoring all of this, because he wants a UN seat to boost his own ego. So, despite the danger, Trudeau is set to send Canadians into Mali anyway.

As I said on Twitter, a UN seat is NEVER worth Canadian lives. Unfortunately, Trudeau seems to disagree.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube