Athabasca Oil Corp CEO Says Trudeau Needs Leadership, Not “Just Words” To Support Oil Industry

Anger towards Trudeau’s failure to stand up for the Canadian oil industry is growing.

Rob Broen – the CEO of Athabasca Oil Corporation – condemned the Trudeau government for failing to do what is necessary to support Canada’s oil industry.

As noted by the CP, Broen said “I would tell him he has to show leadership on the pipeline file. And it’s not just words. He needs to back up Kinder Morgan, the pipeline he’s approved, and he needs to see it through to construction and make sure we can put shovels in the ground and get it built for the benefit of all Canadians.”

Broen explained the impact of the uncertain environment for the oil industry, pointing out that his company has approval to double production on the Leismer oilsands project, but because of government policies and “heavy oil price discounts linked to pipeline export constraints,” they can’t justify making the expansion.

Said Broen, “We need to see regulatory certainty, and there’s still uncertainty with respect to how the carbon tax is implemented, what the emissions limit looks like, how projects get approved to move forward. We need to see an environment where this industry is supported and not at risk of having financial burdens placed on them in the future once sanctions are already committed to.”

Suncor CEO Steve Williams noted that the carbon tax was supposed to be the trade-off for getting pipelines approved, which hasn’t happened.

“We have a carbon tax but we don’t have a pipeline. And the opponents of those pipelines are more entrenched than they’ve ever been. So the tax hasn’t helped.”

What we are seeing across Canada is that more and more people are willing to speak out against the severe damage Justin Trudeau is doing to the economy, and are seeing that his ‘climate plan’ is a total fraud and a total cash-grab that hurts Canadians while doing nothing for the environment.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube