Athabasca Oil Corp CEO Says Trudeau Needs Leadership, Not “Just Words” To Support Oil Industry

Anger towards Trudeau’s failure to stand up for the Canadian oil industry is growing.

Rob Broen – the CEO of Athabasca Oil Corporation – condemned the Trudeau government for failing to do what is necessary to support Canada’s oil industry.

As noted by the CP, Broen said “I would tell him he has to show leadership on the pipeline file. And it’s not just words. He needs to back up Kinder Morgan, the pipeline he’s approved, and he needs to see it through to construction and make sure we can put shovels in the ground and get it built for the benefit of all Canadians.”

Broen explained the impact of the uncertain environment for the oil industry, pointing out that his company has approval to double production on the Leismer oilsands project, but because of government policies and “heavy oil price discounts linked to pipeline export constraints,” they can’t justify making the expansion.

Said Broen, “We need to see regulatory certainty, and there’s still uncertainty with respect to how the carbon tax is implemented, what the emissions limit looks like, how projects get approved to move forward. We need to see an environment where this industry is supported and not at risk of having financial burdens placed on them in the future once sanctions are already committed to.”

Suncor CEO Steve Williams noted that the carbon tax was supposed to be the trade-off for getting pipelines approved, which hasn’t happened.

“We have a carbon tax but we don’t have a pipeline. And the opponents of those pipelines are more entrenched than they’ve ever been. So the tax hasn’t helped.”

What we are seeing across Canada is that more and more people are willing to speak out against the severe damage Justin Trudeau is doing to the economy, and are seeing that his ‘climate plan’ is a total fraud and a total cash-grab that hurts Canadians while doing nothing for the environment.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Tommy Hawk

Seeing/hearing ‘him’ one recognizes that mouth is what he is all about — ‘doing’ (other than destroying our country) is another.

The only reason for his trip to the west was to be seen/heard making comments about how things will be better in the near future now that the one pipeline has been approved — but not operating — because of an upcoming election – an since he cannot ‘buy’ votes out west, as he can with the refugee well of votes, he needs to be ‘seen’ to be doing ‘something.’


Now they will not have to waste more money so they can pay some buddies to figure out the problem, CEO’s just told them the obvious again, but when Lieberals lie so much they think they are the only people who know. but most of the country knows. They can stop the silly wasteful drama anytime.

Ben Eby

A Sad State of Affairs for Canadians and the Economy Stabilizing, Oil Industry What is it that we Canadians find so loathsome about ourselves, that we are okay to import unethical, dirty oil, from feminine trashing nations, as opposed to using our own, high tech, environmentally friendly, and economy awesome, domestically produced petroleum products! What does Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Norway, Nigeria, the United Kingdom, Angola, Russia, Colombia, Kazakhstan, Oman, Ghana, the Ivory Coast and Trinidad and Tobago all have in common? (And no, it isn’t that they all beat Canada’s curlers at the Olympics.) The correct answer is that this… Read more »


Don’t forget record production in The United States and that most of the foreign money shutting down our oilpatch is coming from the good ol’ US of A!

Ron Voss

According to the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP), “Climate change is an important global issue, requiring action across industries and around the globe. Canada’s oil and natural gas producers are ready and willing to do our part to contribute to the overall Canadian plan on climate change.”
Athabasca Oil Corporation is a member of CAPP and President & CEO Rob Broen is one of its governors. What a bunch of cowards. Cry me a river!


You should look up the definition of coward Ron-if there is any “coward” in this whole scenario it is our illustrious Justine who has no courage to stand up to the paid protesters holding a gun to our Canadian oil producers! He would rather import “dirty” oil at no profit to Canada and leave the Canadian oil industry high and dry, with industries leaving Canada because he hasn’t got the courage to do what he said he would do -approve the pipeline for Kinder Morgan! Come on Justine, do the right thing that you said was going to happen, or… Read more »


He, Butts and Barbie Mckinnon/Mckenna are hell bent on destroying the industry. They are zealots and the Green Party is a better place for them. Although a good alternative would be Venezuela or Cuba.

George T.

The oil companies need to play hard ball, they can afford it. As B.C. does not want to allow oil to move through the province the oil companies should turn off the taps. no gasoline. fuel oil, natural gas etc. the tree huggers won’t be able to drive to their trees without gas. have they thought of that???