LIAR: Trudeau Caught Spreading Falsehood About Conservative Pipeline Record, Tries Blaming Harper Again

Trudeau once again refuses to take responsibility for anything, as he tries to blame pipeline struggles on the Harper government.

Sometimes it seems that Justin Trudeau forgets that he is the Prime Minister. It’s as if he still thinks he heads the third party, and only has to criticize the Harper government to make it seem like he’s doing something.

That’s certainly the impression with recent comments where he tried to blame the Harper government for Canada’s pipeline struggles.

Reporting on his remarks, the Edmonton Journal noted that after a visit to the Suncor Fort Hills operation, “Trudeau said the Harper government failed to get major pipeline projects built because Canadians did not trust those in power “to both grow the economy and protect the environment.” For 10 years, Stephen Harper’s government talked up the oilsands, but couldn’t get it done,” said Trudeau. “Their lack of any sort of responsibility on the environment didn’t just hurt the environment, it hurt the economy.”’

Of course, that is 100% false, as Jason Kenney pointed out on Twitter:

“In Fort McMurray, Justin Trudeau repeating myth that Harper Govt didn’t get pipelines built. Demonstrably false. Trudeau the one who killed Northern Gateway & scuttled Energy East, and is failing to fight Trans Mountain obstructionism.”

Trudeau trying to deceive Canadians to hide his own failures

As we can see, Trudeau’s contention that the Conservatives didn’t get pipelines built is a flat out lie. Clearly, Trudeau is getting desperate as more and more people stop buying his bullshit, so he retreats to the only thing he has left: Blaming others and lying to the Canadian people.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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