VIDEO: Scheer Shreds Liberal Carbon ‘Pricing’ Myth

Government enforced collection is a tax, not a ‘price’ says Scheer.

The Trudeau government loves to talk about carbon ‘pricing,’ as if calling it a price will hide the fact that it’s being taken out of our pockets by force.

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer has pushed back against that Liberal carbon ‘pricing’ myth, calmly explaining why it is a tax, not a price, and shredding the deception.

“When the market sets a cost on something based on supply and demand and the freedom to buy that item, that’s a price,” said Scheer. “There’s a price on apples, I don’t have to buy it and depending on what the crop year is like in certain areas that price goes up and down – that’s a price. When the government sets it, enforces its collection and takes it into it’s coffers that’s a tax, and all the Liberal spin machines in the world doesn’t change that.”

Watch Scheer’s comments below:

Scheer’s remarks were basically common sense, but in today’s Ottawa they stand out. Compare his understanding of how the world really works to the crazy utterings of Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh.

Trudeau thinks selfies grow the economy from the heart out, and Jagmeet Singh thinks Justin Trudeau isn’t socialist enough.

Only Scheer seems to understand how the economy actually functions, which is especially important as we face a worsening economic situation brought on by excessive regulations and rapidly-increasing debt.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Ron Voss

Unfortunately, however, Scheer doesn’t understand that man-made climate change is a hoax or he is too cowardly to admit it.


Scheer fully understands what is going on.

Ron Voss

Are you saying that he fully understands that is a hoax, but he is too afraid to say so?


So Ron, are you saying that climate change is a hoax or just man-made climate change is a hoax??
If you agree that climate change is occurring(which is pretty obvious to the sane mind), then Ron, what is causing this event if it is not man-made??
Perhaps Andrew is a whole lot smarter that you think he is because he is admitting the obvious-that we are destroying our environment and climate is one of the first things to go…..


Global warming has happened before during the Pliocene epoch. Apes and hominids were mostly restricted to Africa (where they originated), though there were scattered communities in Eurasia and North America. It wasn’t caused by man but by nature.

Dinosaurs that roamed the Earth 250 million years ago knew a world with five times more carbon dioxide than is present on Earth today, researchers say, and new techniques for estimating the amount of carbon dioxide on prehistoric Earth may help scientists predict how Earth’s climate may change in the future.

Ian Pfeiffer

The climate has been changing since the beginning of time. When they ask scientists if the agree the climate is changing, 97% say of course and that’s the spin that the government uses, when they ask what the cause is, that’s when they go all over the map. Some say the majority of the issue is solar flares, and if you remember the major electrical blackout in the 80’s in Quebec which was causer by a solar flare, it may lend some validity, if you look at past warming periods when the Vikings settled Greenland, ice cores show a high… Read more »

William Smith

…. funny, I have always wondered how any “sane person” could be convinced that carbon is a pollution?! ….. an element that is the foundation of life on this planet, something ever person and creature on this planet produces……. and an element that all living plant life on this planet requires to exist! …….worse, some “sane” people actually believe that taxes can control the weather!? I do believe the climate changes and that our climate will continue to do so…… as it has since the dawn of time. However, unless Trudeau and his taxes are capable of controlling that giant… Read more »

Ron Voss

Spoken like a true leftist who aligns with Al Gore, David Suzuki, Leonardo di Caprio, Council if Canadians, Naomi (Leap Manifesto) Klein, Gerald Butts, Neil Young, anti-oil Environmental activists, the unions, the NDP, the U.N………….

Ron Voss

If you read my post, I CLEARLY said “man-made climate change’ is a hoax. As far as “what is causing this event if it is not man-made??”, there are a lot of factors, just as in the past there have been climatic variations without man-made carbon dioxide emissions being in play. As far as other likely causes, oh, I don’t know how about changes in the sun?


The Liberals have started referring to it as carbon ‘pollution’, because who would be against fighting pollution?


Notice the difference between Scheer speaking off the cuff & the village idiot trudo? Not every second word is ah or um like trudo.

Tim Chapman

Climate changes every day, so climate change has been happening since the dawn of time. Contrary to what we’re being force fed it is not changing on account of us. In the 1970’s scientists were CERTAIN we were heading into another ice age. The only people who believe storms are worse, droughts are worse or any other weather phenomenon are worse simply do not know history. That being said…….are we polluting the earth? Most definitely yes….but not with CO2 as it is not toxic, it is a colourless trace gas making up .04% or our atmosphere. What I breath out… Read more »

Bob Hayward

This has soft hands. It comes from a soft life. He is not the 1 to bring this country out of the dark times that numb-nuts has unleashed upon Canada. We needed Kevin O’Leary or a very close facsimile.
We need some one who will stand up to the communist and the neo-cons that are pillaging us right now

Tommy Hawk

Unless one has been sleeping throughout all this tax and spend and give away, it becomes obvious that ‘he’ is operating on the same principle as Al Capone, or any of the ‘gangsters’ of that era — the difference being that at least Al Capone was honest — when his ‘boys’ went to collect, they always stated that ‘Al’ sent us — they got the monies and Al always said that the money was for him. On the other hand, the Liberals, tax by force (same approach, just technically administered differently) and they say ‘it’s for everyone,’ which we all… Read more »

Moe S.

I have noticed the media also using the term ‘carbon price’ in news reports. Conservative MP Robert Sopuck, last month in a meeting regarding the carbon tax, asked Environment Min. Catherine McKenna, how much carbon would be reduced as result of the $50 per tonne carbon tax? McKenna stated she could not provide a number and there was NO measurement of what the environmental benefit would be over time. This statement pretty much says it all. This is a Trudeau TAX GRAB and nothing else.

Miles Lunn

It is a tax although in economics there is a thing called externalities so when you have a positive externality, you generally subsidize it so more will use it while for a negative externality you tax it based on whatever the cost is so the final cost represents not just the cost of production but external costs too so a carbon tax is essentially taxing a negative externality. Whether it is a good idea or not and at what price depends on whom you ask. If you believe in taking action on climate change a carbon tax is the most… Read more »