VIDEO: Scheer Shreds Liberal Carbon ‘Pricing’ Myth

Government enforced collection is a tax, not a ‘price’ says Scheer.

The Trudeau government loves to talk about carbon ‘pricing,’ as if calling it a price will hide the fact that it’s being taken out of our pockets by force.

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer has pushed back against that Liberal carbon ‘pricing’ myth, calmly explaining why it is a tax, not a price, and shredding the deception.

“When the market sets a cost on something based on supply and demand and the freedom to buy that item, that’s a price,” said Scheer. “There’s a price on apples, I don’t have to buy it and depending on what the crop year is like in certain areas that price goes up and down – that’s a price. When the government sets it, enforces its collection and takes it into it’s coffers that’s a tax, and all the Liberal spin machines in the world doesn’t change that.”

Watch Scheer’s comments below:

Scheer’s remarks were basically common sense, but in today’s Ottawa they stand out. Compare his understanding of how the world really works to the crazy utterings of Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh.

Trudeau thinks selfies grow the economy from the heart out, and Jagmeet Singh thinks Justin Trudeau isn’t socialist enough.

Only Scheer seems to understand how the economy actually functions, which is especially important as we face a worsening economic situation brought on by excessive regulations and rapidly-increasing debt.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter