Melanie Joly Travels To South Korea On Taxpayers Dime To Study K-Pop Music

Even her own department thought the trip was dubious. So she ignored them and went anyway.

Heritage Minister Melanie Joly went to South Korea to study K-pop music, even though her own department had doubts about whether the trip was useful.

Here’s what Joly shared on Facebook on April 4th:

“Now in Seoul to understand the Korean Cultural Export strategy, K-Pop culture & create opportunities for our sector.”

According to the Montreal Journal, the South Korea trip was a “detour”¬†ahead of a trade mission to China starting on April 9th.

In addition to the costs of her extra travel to South Korea, she also brought along four other government employees.

Here’s what it gets absurd: Her own department thought the trip was a dubious idea.

According to a government document from December 14th, 2017 obtained by the Journal, the department of heritage was doubtful of whether a trip to South Korea made sense:

“It is recommended that any decision on a bilateral visit be postponed until a more comprehensive analysis of the Korean market and potential business opportunities for Canadian industries can be completed.”

But, it seems Joly really wanted to see South Korea, so she ignored the advice.

The Journal says Joly was expected to ‘officially’ be in South Korea for two days, but will be in Asia for four days ahead of the start of the China trade mission. And yet, she had just four events on her agenda for that entire time including a 40 minute meeting and a ‘business dinner.’

Sounds like a packed schedule…

Echoes of Trudeau’s India trip

The light schedule and seeming waste of taxpayer dollars for what is largely a sightseeing trip has echoes of Justin Trudeau’s disastrous trip to India.

And the fact that Joly ignored the doubts of her own department just so she could go on a trip to ‘study K-pop’ in South Korea demonstrates the extent to which Trudeau government ministers feel entitled to use our taxpayer dollars for their own amusement.

So much for serving the people of Canada.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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By “opportunities for our sector” I’m guessing she meant opportunities for more of her liberal friends to travel the world on my dime … the liberals have no shame … never have had.
Watch the cafeteria for more brown envelopes full of cash being handed out … same old, same old …

Dave Bainard

Good grief, now Climate Barbie and her entourage will want a trip to Antarctica to study if globull warming is affecting the mating rituals of emperor penguins.


Look, the entire liberal party can do whatever they feel like with our money and the media will find excuses to protect them but, let it be a conservative, and they will hound you til death.
So who’s next on a bizarre trip with our money just for the fun of it?

Beverley Campbell

I would guess that people who behave in that manner with taxpayer’s precious dollars, bull-headedly and against advice following their own nose and desires, may be doing it for the reason that there will be NO MORE fancy dancing once the 2019 election rolls around and all of those LOSERS lost their position, close to the money. The Ball is coming to a close and it is almost time to go home.


Well she better have a Joly good time because the gravy train is coming to an end.The Liberals are finished.

Elizabeth Thorne

Why did Joly and Khalid want Christine Douglas Williams off the Heritage Committee? Can’t wait for 2019–184 Liberals have to go.


Never mind this trip , the entire heritage ministry is phony and was always a waste of our money.
But Trudeau felt bad for her since she lost the race for MOntreal mayor and hey, she s a liberal,
and most of all female.

Tommy Hawk

“Serving the people of Canada” is not a recognizable term for this government.

“Serving their individual interests and foibles” IS a recognizable term for this government.

There is a big difference in the two.

A.A. Burley

She should be asked everything she has learned about “K”-pop music and where did she go? When she gets back. This was a paid vacation simply crap “K”Pop. Also, ask her how does she understand the words in “K”Pop


K-pop music? Is that the music they play in daycares while the assistant diaper changers are washing their poopy Liberal hands?


WHY WHY WHY isn’t this being put out for Canadians to see! Oh ya, forgot our media loves them.
I can’t even think of cost. I can’t afford my husbands needlees and strips (diabetic), dimentia, and she and four others are on holidays. I am spluttering so angry.
`NO more majority. I pray that Canadians wake up to what this majority is doing.
Please please share this.

Wendy Lush

When Melanie Joly lost the Montreal mayoral race in 2013, one reporter asked her whether she would continue in politics, perhaps at the federal level. Her reply “No”. She’s a female version of pretty-boy Trudeau; no wonder he’s got a crush on her and gave her a plum job. Likewise Maryam Monsef and Iqra Khalid. Will Femen Justin promote one of these three as the next leader of the Liberal Party to become Canada’s first female PM?* God forbid. *JT has said he would like his daughter to become “Canada’s first female Prime Minister”. (Conservative Kim Campbell was Canada’s 19th… Read more »

jeff willis

Honestly…some of the comments are too misogynistic. What the hell does a bad decision from a minister going to South Korea have anything to with their gender. Sure waste of money…but all political parties waste money and hoping the conversation moves to creating mechanisms for ministers to not be permitted to make decisions like this. This is not a left or right or Trudeau or not..