WATCH: Trudeau Dodges Another Question, Then Claims Liberals “Raised The Bar On Openness & Transparency”

Ironically, Trudeau made the laughable ‘transparency’ claim while dodging a question about parties being transparent with data.

At a recent visit to Fort McMurray, Justin Trudeau was asked if political parties need to be more transparent about how they collect data, what they do with it, how they collect it, and whether the privacy laws should apply to that data.

Not only did Trudeau dodge the question, but – either unable to see the irony or ignoring it – he then made a laughable claim:

He said the Liberals have “raised the bar on openness and transparency.”


Watch Trudeau’s laughable comments below:

As always, Trudeau was being deceptive.

His claim about openness on donations and fundraisers ignores two huge facts. First, the Trudeau Liberals were the party that faced a huge cash-for-access scandal.

Second, at their fundraisers, the Trudeau Liberals confine the media to separate rooms, kick them out during large portions of the events, and ban them from speaking to guests.

That, plus the contempt the Trudeau government has shown for openness and transparency during their time in office makes Trudeau’s comments totally laughable, yet another reason nobody can believe a word he says.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ron Voss

He’s quite the comedian.


Did you hear that? At the 35-second mark, he urged other political parties to – get this – follow sweet. So funny. He must not have checked the one of his buddies about the pronunciation on his cue card – how to pronounce ‘suit.’ Or maybe his cue card spelled it ‘suite.’ Whatever. Pretty funny.

Andrea Leclair

Noticed it too Dorothy. Also what he said was truly laughable. Trudeau promised transparency and that is what we don’t have with this government, they are totally opaque because they have so much to hide from Canadians.


I noticed that he surely has a command of the English language! Not!!


“to follow suite ” hahaha as bungling as he always is deceptive …

Mel Kozun

Trudeau wants other political parties to “follow sweet”????

Lister to it – that’s EXACTLY what he says.

chris malmstrom

JT is a political joke!

Pete Black

How do you follow “Suite” This guy went to school?????


he’s such a bloody liar can’t believe a word he says ,worse he can’t even speak properly or doesn’t know what he’s talking about !!

Marlin Kane

He is a total Buffoon! Uneducated, ignorant, Narcissistic Personality Disorder=UNFIT!

Chris vrecko

Trudeau is incapable of telling the truth. He is one very mentally unstable creature and Canada is paying the price. The cost to Canadians can’t just be in monetary means but also psychological because this is going to leave it’seems mark on every Canadian citizens from the oldest to the youngest.


It all boils down to the next elections! Who are we going to vote for? Is this clown gets elected again, it will be nobody’s fault but ours! Enough complaining has gone on to show how incapable he is but, we need to vote, each and every one of us, no excuses. The damage he has done to Canada, the Canadian people, will take years to correct! But we can do it with the right people at the wheel.


Spencer this is from a 35+ years retired RCMP officer. Keep up the very responsible and necessary reporting. I admire your forthrightness and candor and very much look forward to your articles. In terms of exposing the financially irresponsible and destructive measures taken by this government and it’s cabinet.

A HUGE thank you!

Tommy Hawk

One of the best examples of a ‘tongue on the loose,’ so to speak. It is highly doubtful he even understood the question — assuming he heard it — but his response would indicate a rehearsed response if ever the questioning got to that level.

Without his teleprompter he is lost — and holding notes in his had, although likely helpful, would bring questions about his sincerity (oops, I used a word that cannot apply to him) — oh, well, one error is not too bad.


Soot instead of sweet?
Openness regarding funding? What a pathetic joke. How much support is he getting from Soros and the Open Borders Society, laundered through Tides Canada and the Dogwood Initiative?

Ana Gomes

If you are so transparent, PM, why don’t Canadians trust you? why do you have the right to choose the new director for CBC? Isn’t the frivolous and baseless praise ,they already pile on you, enough for the next elections? You know how many sins you have in the bag, so you are preparing the field of illusions and the smoke and mirrors for your next performance? Transparency, eh…? who are you fooling? Cbc may only laugh at Trump, because they get our money to do so, to waste time and to avoid any transparency whatsoever about you, but Canadians… Read more »

Scott M. Perron

Still not ready …


What can we expect from a child with the mental maturity of a 15 yr old?


He’s a total liar. “The Liberal party has openly raised the bar on openness and transparency.” HELLO, not even close. They are so opaque that even an x-ray couldn’t see through it. What happened with your promise to let the conservatives know about the India incident? What about the pipeline that was promised if the Carbon tax bill was passed? Why have you sent our military to die. Why are you paying money to the very people we are having war with? Why are you bringing ISIS fighters here? Why are we so much in debt? What are you doing… Read more »