CONFUSION: Government MP Ruby Sahota’s Explanation For Russian Expulsions Goes Against What Trudeau, Freeland Said

The Liberals can’t even get their story straight.

In a recent CTV interview, Liberal MP Ruby Sahota totally contradicted both Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland when she tried explaining why Canada expelled four Russian diplomats.

Sahota – who recently called attacks on Trudeau’s India costumes “offensive” – said Canada expelled the diplomats in solidarity with the United Kingdom, and said that was “the only reason” for the expulsions.

Yet, that’s not what Freeland and Trudeau have said. Trudeau said a Russian attempt to “discredit our minister of foreign affairs” was part of the reason, while Freeland said there was an effort to “interfere in our democracy.”

Sahota also said the expelled diplomats could have been “legitimate threats to our elections,” something the government has not said.

Additionally, Sahota directly contradicted Trudeau when asked about whether the alleged campaign to discredit Freeland had anything to do with the expulsions:

“That’s not the reason. I know that may build an interesting news headline, but that’s not the reason,” said Sahota.

Trudeau government confusion

This level of confusion is embarrassing for the government, and demonstrates total incompetence. Sahota would have been briefed ahead of time, and would have been given talking points. So, she either couldn’t remember the talking points, or the talking points she was given contradicted what the government has already said.

If the government can’t get their story straight, it raises doubts about everything they are saying, and it makes us look like fools on the world stage (not that we could really look any more foolish under Trudeau).

Even after over two years in power, the Trudeau government shows that their dangerous agenda is matched only by their lack of competence.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screenshot