#SaveOntario Trends On Twitter In Show Of Strength By Ford Nation

Online uprising against the Wynne Liberals demonstrates demand by citizens for change.

#SaveOntario was trending on Twitter, as countless citizens stood up against the Wynne government and expressed their demands for a new government that actually stands up for taxpayers, instead of ripping them off.

It was a show of support by Ford Nation, who led a strong populist revolt against the establishment and gave Doug Ford the votes necessary to become Ontario PC Party Leader.

As noted by Daniel Costello on Twitter, the #SaveOntario campaign had a total of 16.4 million views.

People are showing that they want leaders who will place trust in them, rather than try to take all of their money and concentrate it in the hands of politicians.

Below, check out some of the Tweets from #SaveOntario:








Those are just a fraction of the many Tweets shared on #SaveOntario. It’s great to see people fighting back against the failed establishment and making their voices heard. That’s how we can start to put power back in the hands of the people.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter