#SaveOntario Trends On Twitter In Show Of Strength By Ford Nation

Online uprising against the Wynne Liberals demonstrates demand by citizens for change.

#SaveOntario was trending on Twitter, as countless citizens stood up against the Wynne government and expressed their demands for a new government that actually stands up for taxpayers, instead of ripping them off.

It was a show of support by Ford Nation, who led a strong populist revolt against the establishment and gave Doug Ford the votes necessary to become Ontario PC Party Leader.

As noted by Daniel Costello on Twitter, the #SaveOntario campaign had a total of 16.4 million views.

People are showing that they want leaders who will place trust in them, rather than try to take all of their money and concentrate it in the hands of politicians.

Below, check out some of the Tweets from #SaveOntario:








Those are just a fraction of the many Tweets shared on #SaveOntario. It’s great to see people fighting back against the failed establishment and making their voices heard. That’s how we can start to put power back in the hands of the people.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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stop scorched earth politics

chris malmstrom

If kw gets another term, I’m seriously considering selling my home and going to South America or Australia. I refuse to let these a**holes rob me of one more dime!

chris malmstrom

Same goes for the federal “government”, if that white water rafting guide gets another term, it shows me how stupid the people of this country can be, and I’ll not be part of it!


Good thing for you Spencer, to highlight various twitters that are dealing with the same subject like Ford Nation, so your regular readers can read what’s really going on and with luck retweet to others.
The more canadians communicate especially to those in the Atlanic coast, where the lib media are feverishly protecting the liberals namesake, and other areas where cbc concentrate on only; the more they need to be told of the mess their own gov is doing to them and to canada.


Plus check out Manny_Ottawa, who is doing an awesome highlighing justin disaster.
I don’t think canadians have a clue of the downward spiral canada is in and the lost of thousands of jobs leaving this nation and so forth. This and more is found in manny’s twitter site. Take a look.


Wonderful article Spencer and great posts! Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mainstream news is really slanted, for Lieberals and communists way too left for me. Total spendthrifts, on the gravy train politics and they have been as bad and worse ( but had more time?) than the Federal Lieberal/NDP divide and separate Canada.
Like Chris Malstrom I want to move away from the terrorists and traitors running our country, but will stand my ground, believing Canadians are not this foolish, although we need the truth told. We need truthful media.

Tommy Hawk

This is the best news for Ontario since Wynne was first heard of.

Dan Costello

Credit goes to #TheSewerRats with over 8000 volunteers across this Canadian twitterverse with up to 10000 for the #SaveOntario campaign, longest running campaign is #TrudeauMustGo over past 4 months now exceeding 126 million unique impressions. New volunteers always welcome please connect with @anna_938 & @PopTheNarrative on the twitter