Anti-Democratic: Former Ambassador To China Wants ‘Free Trade’ Talks To Ramp Up Before Canadians Can Vote

This is the elitist mindset: Ram through an unpopular and dangerous ‘free trade’ deal before the Canadian people can be heard.

According to a report in the Globe & Mail, Guy Saint-Jacques – Canada’s former ambassador to China under the Harper majority government and for a short time under Trudeau – wants to see ‘free trade’ talks begin ASAP – because he doesn’t want the issue debated in the election.

It’s arrogance and elitism personified.

According to the report,

“Canada’s former ambassador to China says he believes the two countries must begin formal trade negotiations this year so that the question of whether to deepen economic ties to Beijing does not get tangled up in next year’s expected federal election.”

Interesting. Most of us would consider an issue being “tangled up” in an election part of the democratic process.

The article notes that while the Trudeau government is pushing ‘free trade talks,’ the Conservatives are against it, and that it could be an election issue – as it should be:

“A federal Canadian election is expected by the fall of 2019 – four years after the Liberals won power – and the question of whether Canada should draw closer to China under the authoritarian administration of President Xi Jinping could very well crop up on the political campaign trail.”

Yes, the issue should absolutely come up on the campaign trail, since whether we bow down to a ruthless authoritarian state for a ‘free trade’ deal that would betray our workers and companies should absolutely be decided by Canadians, not politicians behind closed doors.

Saint-Jacques apparently thinks that because the Harper Conservatives were more receptive to ‘free trade’ with China (a big mistake of the Harper government), it somehow invalidates the tougher stance against China being taken by Scheer now.

“Mr. Saint-Jacques, speaking to The Globe and Mail on Monday, said the Conservatives appear to have forgotten that the former Harper government came close to launching trade talks with China in 2012 under the administration of former Chinese president Hu Jintao.”

It should be noted that – while Harper wasn’t as tough on China as he should have been – he was far tougher than Trudeau. Harper actually protected some sensitive Canadian companies with national security implications from being taken by China, while Trudeau let China take them. Additionally, Harper was mostly dealing with China before the increasingly authoritarian (now dictatorial) Xi Jinping expanded his power to become President For Life.

Avoiding the will of the people

Patriots know that the government exists to serve the will of the Canadian people, yet Saint-Jacques want the trade talks rushed so that the will of Canadians isn’t heard.

“The government needs to act quickly to start talks before the next national ballot, said Guy Saint-Jacques” notes the article.

That is the elitist mindset personified: Saint-Jacques thinks ‘free trade’ with China is a good thing, but he’s worried Canadians might not support it if it gets debated in an election. So he wants the talks to start ASAP in order for the issue to be taken off the table.

That is profoundly arrogant, and profoundly anti-democratic.

Amazingly, despite admitting that ‘trade unions in China are “completely token organizations,”‘ he still thinks ‘free trade’ with them makes sense.

Perhaps it does from the perspective of the governing and corporate elites, but it would be devastating for Canadian workers. In fact, China wants to be able to import workers from China into Canada as part of any deal, and we can only imagine how much that would hurt workers in our nation.

In fairness to Saint-Jacques, he is merely saying what most of the governing and bureaucratic-connected corporate elites think. It’s just rare to hear it expressed so out in the open. He probably thinks he’s doing the right thing, but that ‘right thing’ will only benefit a tiny slice of the country, while hurting the vast majority of Canadians.

The attitude exemplified by Saint-Jacques is why Canada needs far more democracy. Those in power think our voices don’t matter, and they want to use us for tax revenue while ignoring our right to decide what the government we pay for does in our name.

It’s yet another reason we need to keep speaking out against the destructive idea of ‘free trade’ between us and China, and we must stand against anyone who tries to ignore the voices of the people.

Spencer Fernando

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Moe S.

Here’s something else our PM needs to address with China during such ‘free trade’ discussions,
the fentanyl pill called ‘China White.’ The RCMP recently stated, the greatest supplier to Canada of counterfeit fentanyl is China! Thousands of Canadians are dying from the pill China White, while Trudeau gives China his admiration and praise. Canadians need to demand this issue be addressed before the launching of any so-called talks with China about ANY trade deals.


Spencer you are right again. The rich get richer, Canadians pay and lose jobs, get left behind, doing service work maybe, even our so called in debt university students cannot get decent work now to pay off their huge debts, over fifty percent I hear, and many propaganda trained and very confused about working for a living. Chinese workers here do nothing but again, lose us jobs, and that would more than likely make our Lieberal government happy as they have been totally integrated into communist socialist rule and are used to having very little from slaving, work. No free… Read more »

Tommy Hawk

Everything Trudeau talks about, plans to do, has done, will do, wants to do has in it, a degree of treason — sometimes a large degree and sometimes not so large — nevertheless, one cannot change the fact that, under the dictionary definition, Trudeau has and as long as he is capable of doing so, commits acts of treason.

bj stewart

Guy Saint-Jacques is from Quebec and Quebec never signed the federation so is a sovereign nation state. It is not part of the federation and in fact I do not think the federation is de jure as all 10 provinces had to agree. Only 9 did. all mp’s and pm as well as Guy Saint-Jacques are usurpers in this country if in fact it is de jure and I am doubtful of that. Those who do not study history are bound to repeat it. Ignorance is not bliss, it is ignorance.