If B.C. Gets To Reject A Pipeline, Then Everyone Else Gets To Reject The Carbon Tax

Trudeau can’t have it both ways.

Every time a province tried to oppose the carbon tax, the Trudeau government arrogantly thundered about their power and authority to impose the tax.

They invoked every law, made every threat (even threatening to withhold funding from some provinces) and said it would all be taken to court.

And so, the carbon tax is being forced on unwilling provinces – even under dubious legal circumstances.

Yet, when it comes to the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, the Trudeau government has been far more meek, and far less willing to assert their authority.

Where are the funding cut threats?

Where is the tough imposition of federal law?

Where is the willingness to assert authority?

It’s all missing, as the Trudeau government just pathetically goes through the motions. Their passion and energy (however terribly misguided) was clearly behind forcing the carbon tax. But there’s no passion from the government when it comes to defending the Trans Mountain pipeline.

This is leading to a very dangerous double standard:

If B.C. is allowed to say no to a pipeline, then why the hell can’t other provinces say no to a carbon tax?


If Trudeau can’t get the pipeline expansion through, then it’s a total joke that he still thinks he can impose the carbon tax on everyone else.

Of course, the truth is that Trudeau loves the carbon tax, while opposing pipelines on an ideological level. Remember, he’s the guy who said the oil sands needed to be “phased out,” and that demonstrated his real thoughts about it.

It seems that Trudeau wants the pipeline blocked, while also wanting to force the carbon tax on everyone. But that’s a tough sell politically, so even though he’s getting his way, he has to pretend he’s not happy about it.

Even so, the immense hypocrisy of forcing a carbon tax on the country while failing to get the Trans Mountain expansion approved will wake up even more Canadians to how broken and dishonest the system has become.

After all, if B.C. gets to reject a pipeline, then everyone else should get to reject the carbon tax.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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