Canada Must Ban Foreign-Funded Organizations That Attack Our Energy Industry

If the government is so worried about Russia interfering in elections, why have they done nothing about all the other foreign institutions interfering in our domestic energy politics by trying to destroy our Canadian energy industry?

As we all know, foreign-funded organizations operating within Canada are trying to turn Canadians against our energy industry.

It’s an attack on our country and our prosperity, and it is poisoning the minds of many Canadians against our energy industry.

Obviously, these organizations are acting as a proxy for other countries and foreign powers that want to weaken our energy industry to make their own nations richer while we get poorer.

After all, other nations such as Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Venezuela benefit from Canada’s energy sector being decimated.

Even some U.S. charities are “investing millions into anti-pipeline campaigns in Canada” as reported by BNN.

In a video, they report that “Researcher Vivian Krause says that foreign organizations are funding Canadian oil sands opposition, including pipeline development, so that the U.S. can achieve its own energy security.”

If we are expelling Russian diplomats because of an alleged attack in the U.K., why aren’t we expelling organizations using foreign money to interfere in our domestic energy politics and destroy a key source of our national prosperity?

That’s why it is simply unacceptable for these organizations to keep operating in our country.

To defend our national economy and our energy industry, Canada must ban foreign-organizations that are attacking our energy industry.

Of course, that ban should NOT apply to Canadian-funded organizations. People within Canada must have their free speech absolutely protected, and if Canadians want to advocate against our energy industry then they must be free to do so – no matter how misguided they may be.

But there is a huge difference between our country debating our energy industry internally, and the idea that foreign organizations are spending massive amounts of money to skew that debate.

So long as that keeps happening, our national sovereignty is in peril, and we as Canadians must speak up and demand that it comes to an end.

Our nation must be protected.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ron Voss

Makes imminent sense. However, Conservative Senator Linda Frum has had trouble moving a motion through Senate prohibiting foreign funding for elections, be cause it has been stalled by the ‘Independent” senators:


Spencer, when you refer to these foreign-funded organizations that are attacking our oil industry, you are including the Liberal Party of Canada in that group, right? Some Canadians know some of the names like Tides, Greenpeace, Sierra Club but where do we see the comprehensive list, including The Liberal Party, to be sure no money is accidentally directed their way?


Agree with you Spencer, but these same foreign groups are who had the Lieberals elected and bragged about it, I heard, so nothing will be done about this by this foreign puppet government.
Mr. Harper tried to have these charities investigated, but when the Lieberal foreign government got elected, they stopped this immediately. There were people who infiltrated these groups and had proof, supposedly. When they were charged, they had enough proof that the judge let them off, but their websites were taken down.

Shawn Harris

Banning such organizations that choose to distort the debate and block any progress and development over our oil industry would be a very welcome change for all Canadians. Especially since the money that these foreign funded NGOs receives comes mainly from American based trust funds, such as Tides,Hewlett Packard and others. America is supposed to be the land of freedom and for the benefit of the people by the people, yet it chooses to undermine our country Canada by being deliberately destructive to both our oil industry and our system of governance. Other words they want to control exactly what… Read more »

Ed R Peebles

Hope that this is not too Little and Too Late !



With the corruption of our government in Canada there is nothing we Canadain citizens can do. Trudeau and his government are above the law, we need to change the laws in Canada to protect us against corrupt government no government should have this much power that is called a dictatorship.

Moe S.

These foreign protester organizations are doing the dirty work for Trudeau of shutting down the central core of the Canadian economy the Alberta pipeline. Trudeau has known all along his gov’t could not just announce they would intentionally shut down the oil industry. He’ll blame the protesters and B.C.’s Premier for causing a crisis of hostilities between West & East Canada not seen in over 30 years or more. Meanwhile, Global Eye Candy will fly off, again, in the carbon emission polluter Challenger jet for another magical tour, this time Peru, France, and Britain.

Tommy Hawk

This would obviously fall under the Liberal’s mantra of accepting/rejecting without recognizance of reality. What may affect Canada adversely is of not concern to the Liberal Party of Canada, nor to the present government. Indeed, on their record to date, one could legitimately conclude that treason was really their intent – -if not, it is entirely up to them to clearly demonstrate that — which, if one examines their record so far, would be neigh impossible.