Canada Must Ban Foreign-Funded Organizations That Attack Our Energy Industry

If the government is so worried about Russia interfering in elections, why have they done nothing about all the other foreign institutions interfering in our domestic energy politics by trying to destroy our Canadian energy industry?

As we all know, foreign-funded organizations operating within Canada are trying to turn Canadians against our energy industry.

It’s an attack on our country and our prosperity, and it is poisoning the minds of many Canadians against our energy industry.

Obviously, these organizations are acting as a proxy for other countries and foreign powers that want to weaken our energy industry to make their own nations richer while we get poorer.

After all, other nations such as Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Venezuela benefit from Canada’s energy sector being decimated.

Even some U.S. charities are “investing millions into anti-pipeline campaigns in Canada” as reported by BNN.

In a video, they report that “Researcher Vivian Krause says that foreign organizations are funding Canadian oil sands opposition, including pipeline development, so that the U.S. can achieve its own energy security.”

If we are expelling Russian diplomats because of an alleged attack in the U.K., why aren’t we expelling organizations using foreign money to interfere in our domestic energy politics and destroy a key source of our national prosperity?

That’s why it is simply unacceptable for these organizations to keep operating in our country.

To defend our national economy and our energy industry, Canada must ban foreign-organizations that are attacking our energy industry.

Of course, that ban should NOT apply to Canadian-funded organizations. People within Canada must have their free speech absolutely protected, and if Canadians want to advocate against our energy industry then they must be free to do so – no matter how misguided they may be.

But there is a huge difference between our country debating our energy industry internally, and the idea that foreign organizations are spending massive amounts of money to skew that debate.

So long as that keeps happening, our national sovereignty is in peril, and we as Canadians must speak up and demand that it comes to an end.

Our nation must be protected.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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