Liberal MP May Face Ethics Investigation After More India Trip Trouble

Raj Grewal is facing questions about securing invite for business partner to state dinner with Trudeau in India.

The fallout over the disastrous India trip isn’t over.

The National Post is reporting that Liberal MP Raj Grewal could face a formal ethics investigation after he secured an invite to a state dinner with the PM for the head of a company he profits from.

According to the report, “At the end of March, the National Post reported that Raj Grewal included Yusuf Yenilmez, head of Zgemi Inc., a company from which Grewal profits, on a list of guests to invite to receptions in India earlier this year that were attended by the prime minister and senior members of cabinet. The revelation prompted Conservatives and New Democrats to write to ethics commissioner Mario Dion, asking for a formal investigation into whether Grewal violated the Conflict of Interest Code that governs MPs.”

The report goes on to say that the ethics commissioner says info on the potential ethics issue ‘”meets the criteria” for him to take the steps towards an investigation.”

Both Conservative MP Stephanie Kusie and NDP MP Charlie Angus received a letter attesting to that from the ethics commissioner, after they had sent letters to the ethics commissioner, according to the report:

“Kusie and Angus both argued in their letters that Grewal’s conduct appeared to have directly contravened parts of the code that prohibit members from using their position to further their own private interests, or the interests of someone else.”

A pattern of trouble with ethics

The possible investigation into Grewal would only be the latest in ethics trouble for the Trudeau government, a problem that starts at the top with Trudeau himself. As the first PM found to be in violation of an ethics statue, Trudeau has set an example of dishonesty, deception, and disrespect for taxpayers that has infected the entire government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter