Top Staffer For Trudeau’s Natural Resources Minister Co-Wrote “Global Warming For Dummies” With Elizabeth May

Elizabeth May was recently arrested at an anti-Trans Mountain expansion protest.

The Trudeau government has been trying to look as if they support the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

So far however, it’s been a bunch of empty words and no actions.

As a result, it’s turned into a full-blown national crisis, with rising anger and concern across the country, and tensions between Alberta and B.C. hitting record levels.

Much of the focus has been on Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr, who is being criticized for his inability to use government leverage to move past the unacceptable blockade being imposed by the B.C. NDP.

There was also a recent focus on Elizabeth May, who could face charges after being arrested at an anti-Trans Mountain expansion protest.

Now, it seems the two are linked through Zoë Caron, who is the Chief of Staff to Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr.

As she notes on her Twitter bio, she also co-wrote ‘Global Warming for Dummies’ with Elizabeth May.

Zoe Caron

As we know, Elizabeth May was recently arrested at a protest against the Trans Mountain expansion – in violation of a court injunction:

Caron and May are both entitled to their opinions and to advocate for them. That said, it certainly raises some interesting questions that someone who co-wrote a book with Elizabeth May is the top staffer for the Minister of Natural Resources.

For many, this will be seen as further confirmation of the fact that the Trudeau government internally harbours an anti-pipeline, and anti-Canadian energy agenda, while trying to project a false and deceptive image to the public.

If so, the Trans Mountain debacle under the Trudeau government unfortunately starts to make much more sense.

Spencer Fernando

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