VIDEO: Manipulative Trudeau Calls Illegal Border Crossings “Irregular”

So, if we feel like never paying our taxes I guess we can just file an “irregular” tax return.

The radical left is disturbingly effective at using clever language to turn extreme concepts into things that sound moderate.

And that’s exactly what Justin Trudeau is trying to do when he talks about illegal border crossings.

The term “illegal” perfectly fits the act of entering into Canada without the legal right to do so.

It is illegal – a violation of Canadian law.

To argue otherwise or to minimize it is an insult to those who enter Canada the right way through the legal process. Those who join the Canadian family legally are showing respect for our country, and it’s a disgrace that they have to wait longer in line because of those who cut ahead and enter Canada illegally.

Yet, Justin Trudeau is trying to minimize that illegal action by calling illegal border crossings “irregular” entry into Canada.

Watch in the video below, as Trudeau repeatedly says “irregular” instead of “illegal”:

Justin Trudeau is deliberately trying to desensitize our country to the repeated action of people violating our laws and entering Canada illegally.

His manipulative language is why so many people have zero belief that Trudeau actually wants the illegal crossings to stop. After all, while the Customs & Immigration Union is literally begging for more resources at the border, the immigration minister offered new “messaging.”

Trudeau doesn’t take our border and national sovereignty seriously, and now he’s trying to manipulate everyone else into not taking it seriously either.

Of course, we Canadians don’t get to file “irregular” tax returns if we don’t feel like paying. This government has no trouble enforcing the rules on Canadian citizens, while letting our borders get weaker and weaker.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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The puppet is doing exactly what he has been paid to do, by his foreign enemies of Canada. I really hope they give him his seat on the corrupt UN security council now, so he leaves now. He and his communist wanna be Lieberal dictators can all be together plotting against the world. Please take all your friends with you. The world cannot believe how stupid Canadians have become, the Canadians that loved Canada can’t believe what these Lieberals are destroying with our money and huge debt, chaos, corruption, law and order gone, and no I guess we need to… Read more »

Moe S.

200,000 U.S. Salvadorians will lose their U.S. protected status come July, just another group of ‘irregular border crossers’ who could be heading to the Canadian Quebec open border. Just another example of Trudeau’s political correctness seeking to dismantle the English language and change the meaning of words to advance his own agenda. WALKING INTO CANADA DOES NOT MAKE YOU PART OF THE CANADIAN FAMILY, ANYMORE THAN BREAKING INTO A HOUSE MAKES YOU PART OF THE FAMILY! Canadian immigration laws were not designed to accommodate rejected illegal immigrants from our American neighbors.


“Trudeau doesn’t take our border and national sovereignty seriously, and now he’s trying to manipulate everyone else into not taking it seriously either.” Perhaps the mkost outrageous example of ignoring Canaadian law for short term political gain.


Justin who used illegal drugs in the past, also the son of a drug user, the brother of a drug user who sadly passed away in an accident. Justin whose father helped Justin’s brother escape the law, the consequences of some activity? Justin along with Jean Chretien made a gagging ”joke” about an assault and battery of a Canadian. Justin who takes a gift of a holiday worth a small fortune to most average Canadians. But the gift is really an improper gift under the law? Irregular, laws for some not for others. And I can cross my beautiful land… Read more »


Perfect example of how to utter platitudes , fake and fabricated statements with utter , very shady ludicrous , laughable confidence…watch him …


A new defence in Canada —Justine says it is OK to break the laws.

Tommy Hawk

One must surely notice that Trudeau has never, at any time, recognized Canada’s sovereignty – nor did daddy — and daddy coached Justin on that very point from the moment of understanding and, by doing so, created a perfect ‘Manchurian Candidate’ as is witnessed by his moronic responses to outside stimuli. There is no substance in this person, either in character or loyalty, other than to ‘serve as directed’ — which is precisely what he does so well.