COINCIDENCE? Trudeau’s National Security Adviser – Who Pushed India Conspiracy Theory – Planning To Retire

How convenient…

Daniel Jean – the National Security Advisor to Justin Trudeau who first pushed the conspiracy theory blaming India for the Jaspal Atwal invite – is retiring.

Government sources are claiming that Jean told the government in January that he was planning to leave, and say his impending departure has nothing to do with the scandal.

Of course, many will doubt that story, given the convenient timing.

As noted by the CP, “A spokesman for the Privy Council Office, the bureaucracy that serves the Prime Minister’s Office, would not confirm or deny Jean’s impending retirement, saying PCO does not talk publicly about personnel matters. Jean did not respond to requests for comment. His intended departure date — and how it may or may not have been impacted by the current controversy — remains unknown.”

As the Trudeau government was facing embarrassment and negative headlines after Atwal was photographed with Sophie Trudeau in India, Jean gave the media a ‘briefing’ in which he said ‘rogue elements’ in the Indian government were to blame for Atwal’s invite.

The conspiracy theory was discredited by the Trudeau government’s own incompetence, as a Liberal MP took responsibility for the invite, and Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland called the invite a “mistake.”

So, while the government will likely never reveal whether Jean was planning to leave or is being pushed out, the timing is certainly convenient for the Trudeau government, even as the Atwal scandal shows no sign of going away.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Frances Gruno

I can’t help but wonder what his pay out was. What did it cost the tax payers to retire him or in Trudeau’s mind “make him go away”. Where is the RCMP?

Jean Pierre LaRocque

They are likely complicit!!!

Dave Bainard

It probably comes with a lucrative severance package.


To clear his name, will Daniel Jean reveal to the public the truth or, will he remain silent for the rest of his life ordered by dictator Justin. Either way, India already knows that the TRUDEAU GOV accused them.
Dictator Justin Trudeau blames everyone including India of his own errors. Which constitutes for other nation to be weary and careful whenever JUSTIN TRUDEAU is around. DICTATOR JUSTIN IS NEVER TO BE TRUSTED NOR HIS MUZZLED MEDIA.

Tommy Hawk

This one defies logical discussion because there is no logic — unless you are a Liberal — and then, of course, everything is perfectly clear.

Methinks perhaps we are in dire need of a change at the helm — eh?


lmao what’s wrong with canada? why do they continue to fund terrorist groups and shelter terrorists and criminals from other countries?