Devastating Book ‘Un Selfie Avec Justin Trudeau’ Says PM Is “Incurious About The Affairs Of The World”

Trudeau insiders seem to not care about international policy according to author.

A devastating new book says Justin Trudeau and his top insiders don’t care about international policy, and describes Trudeau as more focused on media than actually listening to Canadian diplomats.

Writing in the National Post, reporter Marie-Danielle Smith shared summaries of key parts of the book called “Un selfie avec Justin Trudeau,” written by Jocelyn Coulon – a former advisor to Stephane Dion during his time as foreign minister.

Here’s what was said about foreign policy:

“Coulon describes Trudeau as a man “incurious about the affairs of the world,” and a leader more influenced by surveys and media than by the advice of his ambassadors and diplomats.

Trudeau leaned heavily on his first foreign policy adviser, the University of Ottawa’s Roland Paris, Coulon writes. But when Paris didn’t seem to fit in with his inner circle, he was shuffled out within a year.

That crowd of insiders, by Coulon’s estimation, care “not at all” about questions of international policy.”

The book also says that Canada’s weight in the world is decreasing, adding “It is not by repeating slogans on the benefits of the status quo and by staying passive in front of the world that Canada will make itself essential.”

Additionally, the book reveals that Trudeau stunningly only had one private meeting with Stephane Dion – when he fired him.

“The not-so-friendly relationship resulted in a highly unusual situation: the prime minister never privately spoke with his first foreign minister about the direction of the country, Coulon writes, and even seemed to consider it a symbolic appointment.”

Obsessed with foreign press

The fact that a close adviser to Dion is writing this is devastating for Justin Trudeau. We have all been saying that Trudeau is in over his head and obsessed with his vain media image instead of actually standing up for Canada, and now his media obsession is confirmed by someone who was on the inside.

What this means is that Trudeau appears to have the absurd combination of supporting policies that sell Canada out to international elites, while simultaneously having no interest in understanding the world or listening to those who could warn him about the consequences of his policies.

Is it any wonder then that under Trudeau our country is increasingly ridiculed on the world stage and has almost zero influence?

We are being sold out by a fool.

Here’s a link to the website for Un selfie avec Justin Trudeau 

Spencer Fernando