INSULTING: University Of Alberta Giving Honorary Degree To Pipeline Opponent David Suzuki

David Suzuki wants to crush the engine of Alberta’s economy. Why give him an honorary degree?

In a questionable (and bad) move, the University of Alberta is giving David Suzuki an honorary degree, even as Suzuki’s efforts to demonize the Trans Mountain pipeline are part of a growing national crisis.

As reported by the Calgary Herald, “Environmentalist David Suzuki will be one of 13 people given an honorary degree from the University of Alberta this spring, a news release said Tuesday.”

Additionally, “An honorary degree is our learning community’s highest honour,” U of A chancellor Douglas Stollery said in the release. “I look forward to hearing the perspectives of each of these inspiring individuals during our spring convocation.”

This is a big mistake.

David Suzuki has been constantly advocating against the energy industry that drives Alberta’s economy and is a key source of Canada’s prosperity. Of course, Suzuki has no trouble using the product of that industry to fly around the world and get driven from place to place.

In his arrogance, Suzuki thinks it’s fine for him to benefit from the oil industry, while trying to wreck it for others who aren’t as rich and powerful as he is.

‘Honoring’ him, especially at an Alberta university, is really a slap in the face to everybody in the oil industry, and to all Canadians who benefit from that industry.

If Suzuki had his way, Canada would be a far poorer nation, and his radical ideology should be criticized, not praised.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Ed R Peebles

It is not Suzuki’s Fault , He is Just a tool to Foreign Funds !

Ed P.


But it IS Suzuki’s fault. He doesn’t have to be a tool of foreign interests. He claims such self-rightcheousness yet displays a lack of integrity and morals. He is a phony and it is fitting that Suzuki is being recognized and honored by a dis-honored U of A staff of phony scientists (falsely claiming that the oilsands operation was causing higher incidents of cancer in Indigenous peoples in the area). They deserve one another.


This is total bull puckey on the part of some liberal hack on the board at the U of A. Talk about addng insult to injury. Alumni and major donors should withhold donations for a couple of years or until AB’s economy recovers.

Jettie Olson

I am an alumnus and I will never donate to my alma mater again. I cancelled my New Trail alumnus mag, because it became a lala libtarded waste of paper full of social justice crap.


Sounds like it’s time for Stollery to get a job in the oil patch … and get a real education!!
Fire the traitor!!
He has no shame … he has no brain …!!

Dave Bainard

Fire Stollery now. He obviously does not have the credentials for the job.


This is what is wrong in Canada!


Get out of Alberta … POS!!


could not agree more… to bad his lifespan was not similar to his fruit flies

John Mastin

I am so ashamed that an Aunt, 4 of my nieces and 6 of my nephews went to at the time one of the most outstanding universities in North America, that they would be granting an “Honorary Degrees” to one of the most reviled and despicable man in Canada.
Further to that, my donations to the Health Sciences and Engineering cease Now.
Suzuki…go back to breeding Fruit Flies…and take your “Fruity Flies” with you…

Mel Kozun

The UofA’s justification for this is even MORE maddening …. They’re in complete denial!!! Awarded because of “…. leadership as a public educator in science.”???? Suzuki has spent YEARS spreading the false gospel of Al Gore … the lies of “global warming”, ooops, “climate change” …. or what every they are calling it now!!! Suzuki has spent years citing “DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO” ….. The UofA is awarding a complete HYPOCRITE!! Read for yourself ….. ################################## April 13, 2018 Awarding of Honorary Degrees Since the announcement on April 10 of the 13 honorary degrees that will… Read more »

Harrison Field

What a lame excuse and a total dishonour to those convocating at the Suzuki convocation. Since Suzuki already has 25 honorary degrees why on earth would U of A and Suzki think he needs another one? Surely there are deserving candidates who have no honorary degrees let alone 25. Like other alumnus I will be disconnecting myself from U of A, a university I use to be proud of.

Ian Coleman

I doubt if the U. of A. governors would really bestow an honorary degree on anyone whose views they did not endorse. They must have done this in the spirit of deliberate insult to the people of Alberta. It can’t be innocent. David Suzuki is certainly not innocent. His demonization of the oil industry is clearly malevolent.