LEADERSHIP? Trudeau To “Pressure” B.C. Government On Pipeline, But “Avoid Tougher Measures”

Apparently, he’s afraid of “alienating voters who helped his Liberals win power,” according to a source.

According to Reuters, Justin Trudeau is planning to “pile pressure on British Columbia’s provincial government to drop its resistance to a pipeline project, but will try to avoid tougher measures that might alienate voters who helped his Liberals win power, a source close to the matter said on Wednesday.”

The attitude being portrayed by the Trudeau government is total weakness, and a total absence of leadership:

“We need to take actions that are focused on the government of British Columbia,” said the source, who requested anonymity given the sensitivity of the situation. Trudeau will hold more talks with the province as well as Kinder Morgan Canada, the source added.”

More talks?

How about using the leverage of the federal government to cut off money to the B.C. government?

How about not having just given the B.C. NDP government over $4 billion?

How about supporting Alberta’s threats to cut off oil shipments to the province?

How about a primetime speech to the nation on why the pipeline and Canada’s energy industry is important to our entire nation?

A half-assed leader would try at least one of those things. A real leader would do all of them.

Trudeau is apparently doing none of them, and having “more talks” instead, all because he’s afraid of losing some votes.

As I’ve said many times, Justin Trudeau puts his own selfish political interests above the good of our nation. With a serious crisis raging, he takes a “personal” day, plans to head off for a foreign trip, and thinks some weak “talks” are the solution. It’s not leadership, it’s total cowardice.

Spencer Fernando

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