WASTE: Trudeau Government Spent $1.1 Million Of Taxpayer Dollars On ‘Executive Searches’ In 2017

Yet people connected to the Liberals keep getting appointed, including the former National Director of the Liberal Party.

A new report by the Hill Times reveals that the Trudeau government spent $1.1 million on ‘executive searches’ in 2017, including $158,200 to find staff for a supposed “foreign investment promotion agency.”

The justification behind that spending is that it stops political cronies and people connected to the currently governing party from being appointed to government posts.

Yet, that hasn’t happened, as noted by Charlie Angus in the report:

‘“It looks like this government is talking about a new way of doing politics, but it’s very much the old Liberal pork-barrel patterns that are becoming apparent,” said Mr. Angus, adding he doesn’t have a problem paying to find the “best and the brightest,” but there have been clear examples where an appointment has been “interfered with for partisan purposes” and made a patronage post.”

In one case, the government spent $73,450 to find just one person – Ian McKay – for a government post. Interestingly, McKay “served as national director of the Liberal Party of Canada from 2010 to 2013,” before his appointment to a government post. Taxpayers will give McKay “between $196,600 and $231,200 annually.”

So, why is the government spending all this money just to appoint people so closely linked to them anyway?

It reveals all the ‘executive search’ funding as just a total waste, and it may even be used as cover by the government to ‘justify’ their questionable decisions.

In fact, it could be even worse, as the Conservatives have said that $1.1 million is just the “tip of the iceberg” in terms of spending on appointments. Conservative MP Peter Kent noted that government documents “don’t mention any costs related to the official languages commissioner, eventually named as Raymond Théberge late last year. “

What else is happening behind the scenes?

This latest report is just the latest example of the contempt for taxpayer dollars, and the entitled attitude of the Trudeau government. They are filling the government with cronies, and using our money to do it.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Dave Bainard

I can’t imagine the Liberal Party donor list being that big to justify such a long search.

Tommy Hawk

This is a good example of why I often say to people: “At least Al Capone was honest about his dealings and did not hide what he did, whereas governments do hide what they do and they then lie about the whole situation and, if and when caught,’ claim it was the fault of some ‘junior public servant, who will be punished.’

Personally, to me, Al Capone at least was the better of the two.


If the Conservatives get in, hopefully, I would like to believe that they are keeping track of all these things so they can fix it pronto. Their government will run smoothly if they do.


Shocking that the fed govt would cut a $4.1 billion cheque to the BC NDP given the current circumstances…Inexplicable that the Alberta NDP continues to blindly stand by their Liberal allies.” (link: http://www.ucpcaucus.ca/alberta-ndp-continues-to-stand-with-justin-trudeau/) ucpcaucus.ca/alberta-ndp-co… Watch the exchange for yourself: (link: https://youtu.be/w8CB5PyO8Pk) youtu.be/w8CB5PyO8Pk

Spencer, check out Jason Kenny’s video regarding to the 4.1b check to BC.
In other words ‘ kill alberta completely from progressing and give BC billions to shut down Alberta.

Shawn Harris

The only thing the Trudeau Liberals have learned from their past scandals, is to keep doing them. The very idea of entitlement and arrogance is something that can only be explained as as being part of their DNA, they just can’t resist doing what everyone else considers to be immoral and just plain wrong. Yet they still haven’t found out that it is always better to admit doing wrong than to found to be doing something wrong. Well, what can could we expect from Trudeau, he wouldn’t know what honesty, integrity and truthfulness were if he were to fall over… Read more »


Spencer keep this document and searches surrounding it for when Trudeau is indicted by the US for complying with importing and exporting US uranium to Russia.