WEAK: Amid Raging Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Crisis, Trudeau Takes “Personal Day”

If he can’t do the job, he should quit so Canada can have a full-time PM.

Amid a crisis that is escalating rapidly leading to immense provincial tensions and a possible constitutional crisis, Justin Trudeau is working hard and diligently to find a solution and get the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain expansion approved.

No, I’m just kidding. He’s actually taking a personal day. Check out the PM’s itinerary below – courtesy of his official government website:

Trudeau Personal Day

Apparently, doing his job is just too much, so he needs some personal time.

Except, Trudeau wasn’t elected to focus on his own comfort, he was elected to lead Canada.

So, it’s totally fair to criticize him for taking a ‘personal day’ in the midst of a national crisis. And as you can see below, Canadians are not happy:



If Trudeau can’t do the job, it’s time for him to quit.

If Justin Trudeau is too weak to show up to work and deal with a crisis, then it’s time for him to quit. He seems to think that his job is just about getting a few photos taken, spewing out some virtue-signalling talking points, and then taking time off on the taxpayers dime.

This arrogance, weakness, and entitlement is having a disastrous effect on our country and the Canadian people deserve far better from the Prime Minister.

Yet another reason Trudeau must go.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – YouTube/Screengrab

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If this was Quebec’s problem, lazy bum Trudeau will not be resting nor will he run away from it since most of his voters resides in Quebec. But, since Alberta is not his voting block why waste his time on Alberta. It is as simple as that Spencer.

Tommy Hawkt

You have the wrong idea, sir. This is not a day for him to relax and enjoy — this is a ‘work’ day and the work will be long and hard — and, quite likely, very trying and most assuredly tiring. He is utilizing this day to try and find a suitable lie to tell Canadians — he has viewed that as the priority of his day-to-day ‘work’ — dreaming up new lies to tell the ‘unwashed,’ so he can continue the charade he started immediately after he was elected — and that is a tough job. That is why… Read more »

Ron Voss

All the lying and obfuscation is exhausting.


C’mon now … let’s be fair!!
He needs some time to get his British costume together — need to make a good impression so he’s sure to get an invite to the big wedding coming up … wifey will be chewing on him if she doesn’t get to go …!!!
What’s your best guess … high boots … tall beaver hat … sword by the side … should be fun to watch!!
Except it’ll be $500,000 wasted that we’ll never see again !!

Christina Kruk

hahaha! I cant wait to see! he cant be taught but he doesnt learn. his mother should have left in Cuba with his father.

Ann Stewart

The overall risk of psychopathology in offspring of parents with severe mental illness (i.e. bipolar disease) may be higher than previously thought. Could this be the problem the PMO has been secretly battling with JT, possibly explaining some of his un-prime ministerial and at times, bizarre behaviour?

Mary Milligan

We are on the same page here! I just commented on another post that perhaps he is low on dopamine caused by some un-diagnosed mental illness. As you say his mother was diagnosed bi-polar and that’s often passed down. Taking a personal day when you’re P.M. unless it’s your own child having life changing surgery or something equally pressing is very questionable. Hopefully he’s composing a letter of resignation

Frances Gruno

This has got to be the most useless P.M. Canada has ever had, not to mention a coward. He waits until there’s a problem then runs with his family in toe. He needs to do the right thing and step down.

Moe S.

So, groups of environmentalist, many not even Canadian, get to decide the fate and prosperity of Canada and Peter Pan decides to take a ‘personal day.’ Fly away Peter to magical distant lands like Peru, France, and Britain. Leadership from this gov’t is implausible. You just can’t fix stupid!

Jay Shaw

Actually Spencer Fernando, you are wrong. Not ALL Canadians deserve better – the boneheads that voted this moron into power are now reaping what they have sown and deservedly so – but sadly, the smart, caring, true blue Canadians are getting dragged down with them.


This is for you Spencer, ” Do you know of any reliable reporter/s whom you can rely on for the real news be following Justin Trudeau wherever he is at to ask jim damming and serious questions like “why are you here when crises is unfolding in your canada and why dis you run away from it?” and the next question is “why did you refuse Daniel Jean speak to parliamentarians instead of just the cpc and do you personally think that India was involved in the conspirarcy? I am sure India wants to know as well? Spencer, questions like… Read more »

Ray Lemieux

Personally, I think TRUDUM should be denied any sort of pension or compensation of any kind once his FUBAR term in office is over, considering what he has cost this country already