WEAK: Amid Raging Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Crisis, Trudeau Takes “Personal Day”

If he can’t do the job, he should quit so Canada can have a full-time PM.

Amid a crisis that is escalating rapidly leading to immense provincial tensions and a possible constitutional crisis, Justin Trudeau is working hard and diligently to find a solution and get the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain expansion approved.

No, I’m just kidding. He’s actually taking a personal day. Check out the PM’s itinerary below – courtesy of his official government website:

Trudeau Personal Day

Apparently, doing his job is just too much, so he needs some personal time.

Except, Trudeau wasn’t elected to focus on his own comfort, he was elected to lead Canada.

So, it’s totally fair to criticize him for taking a ‘personal day’ in the midst of a national crisis. And as you can see below, Canadians are not happy:



If Trudeau can’t do the job, it’s time for him to quit.

If Justin Trudeau is too weak to show up to work and deal with a crisis, then it’s time for him to quit. He seems to think that his job is just about getting a few photos taken, spewing out some virtue-signalling talking points, and then taking time off on the taxpayers dime.

This arrogance, weakness, and entitlement is having a disastrous effect on our country and the Canadian people deserve far better from the Prime Minister.

Yet another reason Trudeau must go.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – YouTube/Screengrab

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