Cleaning House: Doug Ford Vows To Fire $6 Million Hydro One CEO And Entire Board

“Nobody should get rich off ripping off the taxpayers.”

Ontario Opposition Leader Doug Ford is pledging to clean house at Hydro One, as anger in the province grows over skyrocketing energy costs.

Surging energy costs have taken money out of the pockets of taxpayers, and pushed businesses and jobs out of Ontario.

As Ford said, many people are forced to choose between “heating and eating.”

Meanwhile, government elites have made massive amounts of money, with the Hydro One CEO making a salary of $6.2 million in 2017.

Ford ripped into this unfairness, saying that “nobody should get rich off ripping off the taxpayers,” and said his first act as Premier would be to fire the Hydro One CEO and the entire board.

Watch Ford’s comments in the video below:

Ford is taking a strong stance on behalf of taxpayers, and his actions would bring a badly-needed sense of accountability.

There’s a big difference between people getting rich in the private sector and in the public sector (or private sector corporations dependent on the government). In a true private sector company, people make money because customers have chosen to purchase a product or service. Yet, in the public sector or in a private company that depends on the government, people make money because taxpayers were forced to give up their money to state.

That’s what makes the massive salaries at Hydro One so outrageous. It is simply unacceptable for taxpayers to be ripped off all to make a few elitist board members rich, and it’s great to see Doug Ford showing the leadership that Kathleen Wynne lacks.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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