Fake News: McKenna Falsely Claims Calgary Transit Is “100% Wind Powered.” It’s Not.

While the C-Train is powered by wind, Calgary buses are powered by Diesel, making McKenna’s claim fake news.

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna tried spreading some fake news from her ministerial Twitter account.

Here’s the tweet in question:


A photo of the Tweet is also included in case McKenna deletes it:

McKenna Calgary Transit Tweet

Here’s why McKenna’s Tweet is fake news, courtesy of the Calgary Transit website:

“Our buses are clean-burning, use premium quality low sulphur diesel fuel and have maintenance performed on them regularly.”

So, the claim that Calgary Transit is 100% wind powered is simply incorrect.

McKenna would have been correct if she limited her Tweet to the Calgary CTrain. As noted by Calgary Transit, “A three-car CTrain can carry over 600 passengers, equal to 545 private vehicle trips. And the great thing about your CTrain is it’s powered by wind. This initiative made Calgary the first wind-powered public transit system in North America and reduced CO2 emissions by over 56,000 tonnes in 2012.”

It would have been truthful to say that part of Calgary’s transit system is wind-powered, and to say that there was a large emissions reduction in the year 2012 from the wind powered CTrain.

But that’s not what McKenna Tweeted from her official account

She said Calgary’s Transit system was 100% wind powered. That’s fake news, and it’s yet another shameful attempt by the Trudeau government to deceive Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Shawn Harris

So the gains made by wind power on the “C Train” are neutralised by the emissions by the rest of the transit system. Which, even with 56,000 tonnes of emissions removed still means public transit in Alberta isn’t clean. And just how does the “C Train” get its power when the wind doesn’t blow, then it must use old fashioned carbon based fuels to power it and that means there really isn’t any large scale emissions reductions; simply because the wind doesn’t always blow everyday. For Trudeau and McKenna, they have to resort to deceptions and lies because they really… Read more »

Marlin Kane

These two don’t have a clue! They are political zombies.

alan skelhorne

they, mckenna , and trudope are two blows together i would say.

Dave Bainard

Climate Barbie is full of bull crap. If C-trains run 100% on wind, they would sit idle over half the time. It is not always windy in southern Alberta.


You know batteries exist right?

Johnny Franklin

Surely 100% would mean that the CTrain would not run when wind generated energy was low. I think gas powered energy makes up any shortfall when wind energy capacity is exceeded. Or has Calgary Transit solved the power storage problems that have limited renewable energy becoming a practical alternative for years? Anyway 100% seems slightly optimistic.


People in Alberta can choose to so-called “source” their electricity from windmills. Two things: 1. Those customers pay a premium which is needed to subsidize the windmills as they are not even close to being competitive. 2. That higher rate is still charged even when the windmills have little or no wind and the power has to come from huge natural gas power plants. It sounds cutsey, but it is a scam as there is no monitoring of wind production. We have driven past those windmills quite a few times and even on windy days, many windmills are stationary. Broke… Read more »


OR maybe she’s just tooooooo stupid to know the difference!!!!!

Fred Dimmick

It is entirely possible that deceitful deception is not at play, it is quite likely as usual, that the current government is ignorant of the facts but that has never stopped them from decision making and legislating destructive change in Canada. When led by clowns you must expect a circus!

Wayne Milligan

Once electricity is on the power grid it becomes indistinguishable as to fuel source. It’s an accounting trick to claim the Ctrain is wind powered. That McKenna can’t figure that out is further proof of her gullibility.


Climate Barbie could economize on LIES if she used some little grey cells. Perhaps, there are none left in that brain of hers.

Pam Sinclair

Actually Calgary buys enough wind power …at a premium… to run the C-train for a year…nice little play on semantics there no? Since storage is not an option at this point it would be a lie to say it is only powered by wind. Does climate Barbie take into account the emissions required to build the turbine? Install the turbine and do maintenance on the turbine? When all those numbers are available to compare then we can talk about lowered emissions…


No they don’t buy enough wind power – they pay for the equivalent power that could run the C-train for a year -how much they actually receive is anybody’s guess.
see http://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/en/article/ctrain/
It says “Through equivalency purchases of wind generated electricity,it has been entirely wind powered since”. In other words they pay for wind power but actually get whatever is on the grid- just like anyone else who has been duped into this scam

Sean Short

It’s also true that although it’s capable of transporting 600 people, it doesn’t. That would be a very uncomfortable max fill at all times. Add to this reasoning that it’s passengers are bus riders is not the same as all of them using mass transit RATHER than vehicles, so the reduction in GHG emissions is greatly curtailed. That’s even before distances covered and types of fuels, conditions etcetera. Nice try Barbie.