Federal Government Already Predicting Trudeau’s Talks With Horgan & Notley Will Fail

They’re desperately downplaying expectations.

Ahead of Justin Trudeau’s meeting with Alberta Premier Rachel Notley and B.C. Premier John Horgan over the Trans Mountain pipeline crisis, the federal government is already downplaying expectations, predicting the talks will fail to budge Horgan’s opposition.

CBC says a government official told them the there is barely any chance Horgan will stop opposing the pipeline extension.

Instead, the official reportedly said “Trudeau will use the meeting to explain the steps he intends to take to ensure the pipeline expansion gets built. The official would not elaborate on what those steps might be.”

The report also reveals the official claiming Trudeau has been trying for months to make concessions to Horgan to get the pipeline approved, yet has failed every time.

The Alberta government doesn’t have much faith in the talks, saying they don’t expect “anything concrete.”

While the federal government is trying to cover themselves by predicting failure, it’s a terrible sign for Canadians when those in power don’t even have confidence in the PM’s ability to defuse a serious national problem.

As we have seen previously, the lack of details, and lack of political will is leading to a serious lack of confidence. With investment already leaving Canada, each day the pipeline crisis continues is another day people will see fewer reasons to bring money into this country, which will have serious negative consequences for all the people of our nation.

Spencer Fernando

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Ed R Peebles


Ed P.


When Scheer is away the kids will play !


Of course they will fail … Costume Boy has absolutely NO INTENTION of pushing thru any pipeline … all hot (lying) air.

bj stewart

All Provinces are Nations. Canada is a failed federation of these nations. Quebec never signed and without all ten signing, the federation is not even de facto but not at all. Once you know the truth, the truth shall set you free. Ottawa is becoming like the City of London, Washington Dc and the Vatican.


All these comments are right on, Quebec has successfully divided Canada and maybe we should all go our separate ways. Ottawa should be closed down. transfer payments would stop. People would have to get serious regarding our separated regions and find governments who care about us and the huge debts we are all carrying. Especially Ontario, unfortunately I live here and have watched the horrible mess happen. We tried very hard to make things work but without a REAL CANADIAN leader and ALL provinces working together, we are not a country, we will never work as a country as long… Read more »

bj stewart

Nancy, Quebec never signed the federation so is not part of it. They collect all their own taxes and still get transfer payments from Ottawa which come mainly from Alberta to the tune of 11.3 billion dollars. The mp’s and pm from Quebec are usurpers and fraudulent. Re the debt, more nonsense, all illusionary. Google and read Modern Money Mechanics and google and watch Money as Debt. The signed promissory note creates the money when deposited in the account and the bank hands you a cheque in exchange. No money was loaned. All true. Welcome to the light. Keep moving… Read more »

Moe S.

Yesterday’s media showed photo’s of Global Eye Candy Trudeau on the Summit stage, declaring Canada is a ‘great’ place to come and invest your money. The only thing I’m aware of Peru importing to Canada is asparagus! Please, feel free to correct me.

Tommy Hawk

Is there any logical reason that ‘those in power’ would be any more astute than the average Canadian? Personally, I have my doubts — and I could be wrong.

However, there is that old saying: “You made your bed, now lie in it.” This would apply to Trudeau and his ‘bed making’ skills as a P.M.