Federal Government Already Predicting Trudeau’s Talks With Horgan & Notley Will Fail

They’re desperately downplaying expectations.

Ahead of Justin Trudeau’s meeting with Alberta Premier Rachel Notley and B.C. Premier John Horgan over the Trans Mountain pipeline crisis, the federal government is already downplaying expectations, predicting the talks will fail to budge Horgan’s opposition.

CBC says a government official told them the there is barely any chance Horgan will stop opposing the pipeline extension.

Instead, the official reportedly said “Trudeau will use the meeting to explain the steps he intends to take to ensure the pipeline expansion gets built. The official would not elaborate on what those steps might be.”

The report also reveals the official claiming Trudeau has been trying for months to make concessions to Horgan to get the pipeline approved, yet has failed every time.

The Alberta government doesn’t have much faith in the talks, saying they don’t expect “anything concrete.”

While the federal government is trying to cover themselves by predicting failure, it’s a terrible sign for Canadians when those in power don’t even have confidence in the PM’s ability to defuse a serious national problem.

As we have seen previously, the lack of details, and lack of political will is leading to a serious lack of confidence. With investment already leaving Canada, each day the pipeline crisis continues is another day people will see fewer reasons to bring money into this country, which will have serious negative consequences for all the people of our nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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