India’s External Affairs Minister Cancels Meeting With Chrystia Freeland After Trudeau Government Spreads Atwal Conspiracy Theory

We are seeing more damaging impact on Canada-India relations from Trudeau’s disastrous visit.

India’s External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj has cancelled a planned meeting with Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland.

The decision comes after tensions between Canada and India increased due to the attempt by the Trudeau government to blame India for the invite of a convicted terrorist to a state dinner with the PM.

According to Indian magazine Outlook India, the bilateral meeting was supposed to take place at the end of April, “more than a month after a senior Canadian government official said “rogue political elements” in India may have orchestrated the embarrassing invitation of Khalistani militant Jaspal Atwal to a formal dinner with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in New Delhi.”

Reportedly, there is no new date planned for the meeting.

Outlook India points out that “The ties between the two nations turned further bitter after Trudeau did not refute the “conspiracy theory” that Indian government factions sabotaged his trip by approving the visa for Atwal.”

This is the latest evidence of the damage done by Justin Trudeau’s terrible trip, which was criticized for featuring lies, pandering clothing, flubs, and snubs.

After he returned to Canada, India decided to increase tariffs on Canadian chickpeas, and banned imports of Canadian seal products.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Tommy Hawk

Proving, beyond all doubt what we all have known since approximately six months after his ‘coronation.’

Unfortunately, all Canadians tend to get brushed with the same brush because as our ‘representative,’ he, in theory speaks/acts as would Canadian citizens.

Embarrassing, is not quite a strong enough word to describe him, but social norms prevent one from using more colorful language at this time.


Trudeau is the biggest disgrace Canada has ever seen in a PM. Trudeau will continue to sabotage relation’s with other countries unless it benefits his agendas. Spencer Canadian’s should be ever so grateful that you are exposing this Traitor and Liar for what he really is. Candian’s can only pray that in 2019 they will see the end of this insane madness in the Liberal government. Andrew Sheer will have a tremendous mess to clear up after the Liberal party.


No where in the media has this damaging news been reported!
Justin may be back in the cosy arms of the media; protected from foreign attacks but, business is business and since accusation on India continues by the Trudeau Gov, there is no need for India to continu doing business with canada.
Freeland cannot blame India for refusing to do business with canada and trying to smooth thing over for her narcissistic boss Justin only makes matters worse.

Shawn Harris

Trudeau’s arrogance , conceit and inability to accept blame are in full display here. An honest person, after having made a mistake or error in judgement would apologise and accept the error of their ways. Not Trudeau,. he is guided by his narcissism, that declares him to be right and blameless, no matter what the circumstances are. Trudeau would rather lose a vital ally than accept blame for the problem he and his staff created. Vanity, arrogance, conceit , narcissism and self righteousness are qualities that should never be self evident in any Prime Minister, but Trudeau is guided by… Read more »

Elizabeth Thorne

2019 fire every last Liberal and make Canada GREAT again.


Good to hear !!
I hope they bar all of those libtards from entering their country!!


International Embarrasment; Not only locally…

Spencer Fernando you are a true Patriot!


What concerned citizens of this country need to start doing is organizing protests in front of the residences of every Liberal MP in Canada. If they don’t want to listen to us then let’s force them to listen every time they enter or leave their residence. They surely can’t all be that stupid but they need to know that every one of their jobs is going to be gone if they continue to listen to the head clown when it comes to the policies that our PM keeps implementing. They have 2 choices…cross the floor now or in 2019 they… Read more »