The Trudeau Liberals Are Trying To Demonize Law-Abiding Canadian Gun Owners

And they’re trying to fundraise off that demonization.

While the Trudeau Liberals falsely claim that Bill C-71 isn’t about re-creating the gun registry, their behind-the-scenes political actions are telling a very different story.

In a recent fundraising email, the Liberals referred to the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights (CCFR) as “Canada’s NRA,” while asking for donations.

As noted by iPolitics, the fundraising email included several aggressive sections.

The email said the Conservatives “want to steadily weaken gun safety laws in Canada,” and quoted a former RCMP commissioner who said “There’s a rabid firearms lobby that has their hooks into the Conservatives, and they’re aggressive.”

The fundraising appeal also said of the Conservatives, “They’re taking orders from Canada’s NRA. And we can’t let them.”

Of course, the fundraising appeal is based upon a lie. The Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights is made up of law-abiding Canadian gun owners, and is not funded in any way by the NRA.

Yet, the truth won’t stop the Liberals from trying to make money off the demonization of Canadians. And they’re doubling down on that demonization, as seen by comments from Liberal co-ordinator Ryan Spero:

“Canada does have its own version of the NRA, known as the CCFR, and lobbyists for this and other groups are fighting to loosen gun laws and increase the threat to Canadians nationwide.”

If this is what the Trudeau Liberals think about law-abiding Canadian gun owners, how can anyone doubt that they’re bringing back the gun registry?

Despite the fact that criminals are the source of gun crime in Canada, Bill C-71 doesn’t target them. That’s because the Trudeau Liberals aren’t actually concerned with reducing gun crime. Instead, they’re concerned with fundraising and holding on to power, and they are willing to demonize Canadian gun owners to achieve their political goals.

Spencer Fernando

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We are back to the Lieberal protection of criminals, it seems. law abiding Canadians and gun owners beware.


Perhaps the ‘former RCMP Commissioner’ quoted above can take the time to review the comments of a former RCMP Commissioner by the name of Leonard
H. Nicholson who had views completely opposite to those expressed in this article.

Jettie Olson

Sure, they want everyone defenseless and under the govt’s thumb. It’s bad enough that a criminal, be it a home invader, mugger, or jerk out to do harm, becomes the victim if you hurt him when protecting you or yours. Some pansy wrote to our local newspaper that he was “aghast” to see an ad flyer for an “AMERICAN” sporting goods store that featured a cover and centrefold featuring semi-auto rifles. Oh, Dear! Run to your safe space, you ninny. One day, people like him will come running to people like me for protection against the thugs trudeau has welcomed… Read more »

Tommy Hawk

Not that it matters at this stage in the ‘game,’ sir, but I got into the fight on this issue back in 1969 when Pierre brought out his version of ‘gun control.’ Interestingly, he and his government also lied about the ‘end game’ they were after (the abolishing of lawful private firearms ownership in Canada) but there was no question that was the goal. As time passed, I eventually brought the NFA into being and it is a successful organization that does what it can to fight bad laws — and the firearms laws are BAD, by any understanding of… Read more »


The first order of business for a would-be dictatorship is disarm the population. It’s easier to control them. Just ask Adolf Hitler, Stalin or any other mass murderer or dictator.


It is much easier to go after law abiding gun owners to feel good that the gov is doing something about gun control, than it is for him, Justin, to go after his criminals who carry unlawful weapons.
In Alberta, anyone who carries a weapon for hunting must be placed in the trunk of the car and must carry a gun license permit at all times.

Elizabeth Thorne

What next: We are told we all gun crazy, racists, Islamophobic, haters. Tired of the Liberal BS. 184 Liberals need to be thrown out of office in 2019. #1 Trudeau, #2 Iqra Khalid, #3 Omar Alghabra, #4 Arif Virani, #5 Ahmed Hussen, #6 Ali Elsassi, #7 Celina Caesar Chavannes, #8 Melanie Joli, #9 Maryam Monsef, #10Chris Bittle and on and on………

Miles Lunn

I don’t see it as demonizing at all. CCFR doesn’t just oppose current gun laws, they want AR15s moved to non-restricted, support concealed carry, elimination of magazine limits, and legalization of silencers. One can debate whether these are good or bad ideas (I think they are all horrible ideas), but CCFR does support them. Maybe they are not as extreme as the NRA, but they still support weaker gun laws which the Liberals oppose. I am myself a small c conservative yet believe we need tougher not laxer gun laws. Australia and the UK both under right of centre governments… Read more »


To “Miles Lunn” We don’t want gun laws “weakened”. We want the stupid laws that are arbitrarily in place and do nothing for the safety of Canadians removed. There was no restrictions on the AR15 originally. No one died. There are other firearms that look different but I much more powerful than the AR15 that are not restricted. No one dies from them either. When Harper allowed Canadians to have an ATT as part of their licence the Liberal government screamed “The blood will be in the streets!”. Not one crime can be attributed to this after the past 5… Read more »

Miles Lunn

I look at the overall stats and when considering how high murder rates are in the US that is why I favour us having strict gun laws. UK and Japan have even lower murder rates and in fact of the OECD countries, Canada has the fourth highest gun murder rate so while the connection may not seem obvious, most studies done by people outside the gun lobby show less guns means less murders and less access means fewer murders. I believe owning a gun is a privilege not a right and therefore the burden of proof should be on the… Read more »


The only demon here is Trudeau. All I hear from from him and his bunch is piles of ! Trudeau and his all star and his circus are an embarrassment to the country and a direct threat to our democracy, rights and freedoms! Anyone that doesn’t see that, we’ll shame on them. This is a government of identity politics. Their preaching of diversity and inclusion is nothing but code for enforced uniformity. It’s a government that governs on fear and division and remove their ramblings on diversity and inclusion their empty.


I hope Canadians see the truth. This government has been one big failure. If I’m correct, they will pay a heavy price in 2019.


Yes, I Most Definitely Hope that the Lieberals Will Pay a Very Heavy Price in 2019. This is a Long Time to Wait for Justice. I Most Definitely Still Believe that the Opposition Parties have had Enough Ammunition to REMOVE this Inept Traitor of PM for Treason and Many Other Charges that he Should have Faced. 2019 is a Very Long Time to Wait, and this Idiot and his Band of Monkeys Lieberal Party will have Destroyed Canada in another year and a half! But if this is All that we can Hope for, I Hope and Pray that 184… Read more »


What were doing. Hubby is an F.O. of the CCFR. We’ve been part of it since it’s inception and proud of it. We are private, peaceful, law abiding people. We’ve done nothing wrong and resent being placed in the same category as seriously violent criminals.


The fact is the Liberal Party is concerned about one mission alone and that is disarming the civilian population. Fundraising is a side benefit that helps motivate them. They dont want firearms gone, they want them gone in the civilian population. They are more than happy to have their armed security details, and protection for the ruling class elites. But the rest of us peasant shlub’s need not have the means to provide, defend, and protect our way of life and loved ones. Why to the Liberal ruling class elites, that threatens their mandate for totalitarian Statist government. Government that… Read more »

Mike McDonald

Listen with all the undesirables Trudeau is allowing into the country and with Crime rates higher than ever because of it, disarming Honest gun owners is a security risk to our freedoms, Ever watch those video’s in England,France, Sweden and how all the mass immigration/invasion of refugees from the middle East and Africa and how they trash the police and police cars? If anything Canadians need to arm up like they do in Israel. Trudeau is Canada’s downfall from grace and peace.

Major Tom

I believe that Canada’s federal, provincial and municipal governments and bureaucracies have been infested with communists and globalists who seek to disarm the law abiding…..
It’s a UN agenda……civilian disarmament….and most of our elected representatives are selling us out!

Rick Churchill

A typical tactic of the Liberals, wrapping deceit within a lie. They have no intention of actually fighting crime or criminals, nor do they wish to secure our borders and protect our citizens. As always, their platform is more window dressing and virtue signalling in a desperate attempt to keep the people subservient to their Government.