VIDEO: Trump Speaks On US Military Action In Syria

The United States, Britain, and France have launched strikes against the Assad regime.

US President Donald Trump has announced “precision strikes” targets related to chemical weapons capabilities in Syria.

Trump’s remarks can be seen below:

Reuters is reporting that large explosions have been heard in the Syrian capitol of Damascus.

The US has said regime change is not a goal of their strikes.

US officials say American ships and aircraft have been utilized in the military strikes.

In a Pentagon briefing, General James ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis said there are no plans for additional strikes at this time, but that strikes could take place again if the US concludes that Assad used chemical weapons in the future.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Pete Black

Now there is a leader. Thank God he is on our side and respects and guards the rights of all mankind.


Wish we had a real man running Canada.


You guys have got a great man there!

bj stewart

What is the real reason for these bombings? Does the Syrian government not use the Rothschild banking system maybe? Very dangerous move by Trump. Shame on him

Ed R Peebles

Where is Canada ?

Ed P.

bj stewart

where is Canada? The Canada Lands Surveys Act speaks of Canada having land within the boundaries of the Provinces. Those presumably would be Federal buildings. It is clear that Canada does not include the Provinces from this statement. It is responsible for the Trans Canada Highway but it is unclear if Canada owns the lands on which it is built. Canada Land Surveys Act claims the Territories and Nunavut as being part of Canada. It is there fore clear that Canada does not include the lands within the boundaries of the Provinces, other than the ones mentioned. . All… Read more »

alan skelhorne

we are a snowflake country now, soon to be taken over by trudeaus new followers.
sorry, but canada is just about completely finished, the demise of this country when,
trudeau turned his backs against our allies, the jets came back, the military, or should i say, whats left of it, is in shambles, all because the canadian people wouldn,t stand up to the pos from quebec.


Canada has become lazy and fat on borrowed money, bad law, no good jobs for even a lot of educated people never mind regular people, bad tax system, and a very uneven dividing culture, and even worse politics. We cannot help ourselves let alone others. It used to be we were independent united caring helpful hardworking and strong. So where is Canada?
I am glad that the USA is still strong and starting to work for their country.