Catherine McKenna Sides With New York Billionaire In Campaign To Eradicate Canada’s Coal Industry

What would McKenna say to Canadian coal workers?

Catherine McKenna is sharing her support for the #PoweringPastCoal campaign on Twitter, linking to a New Yorker article with the following title:

“Michael Bloomberg Takes on the Coal Industry”

Bloomberg is an American billionaire, and the former Mayor of New York. Now, he wants to destroy the coal industry, and Catherine McKenna is inexplicably helping him, as noted in the New Yorker article.

Here’s an excerpt:

“On Monday afternoon, Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire businessman and former three-term Mayor of New York City, escaped to a deserted ballroom at the Grand Hyatt, in midtown Manhattan, to talk about climate change. Moments earlier, he had announced to attendees of the Bloomberg New Energy Finance summit that his philanthropic organization was partnering with the Canadian and British governments to expedite the global eradication of coal mining. His two new partners—Catherine McKenna, Canada’s minister of environment and climate change, and Claire Perry, the United Kingdom’s minister of state for energy and clean growth—came along for the discussion.”

Bloomberg is also the United Nations Envoy for Climate Change.

Who is McKenna working for?

Catherine McKenna is supposed to be working for the Canadian people. But by standing with a New York billionaire against an industry that employs many Canadians, she is acting against Canada’s interests.

While she’s hobnobbing with elite from the US, what does she have to say to Canada’s coal workers who depend on the industry for their livelihoods?

How is it seen as acceptable for a Canadian minister to actively advocate for the destruction of an entire Canadian industry?

Once again, we see that McKenna and the Trudeau government are willing to sacrifice the economic prospects of Canadians for an ‘environmental’ agenda that won’t actually do anything for the environment.

Spencer Fernando

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