Photos: Trudeau Waves To Empty Airport Tarmac

There’s nobody there Justin.

As Justin Trudeau’s poll numbers have fallen, he seems to be doubling down on the very things that have gotten him in trouble with Canadians.

He’s still obsessed with photo-ops, he’s demonizing the opposition and Canadians who disagree with him more aggressively than ever, and his deceptions and lies are increasing in volume.

Plus – even as the pipeline crisis swirls at home – Trudeau jetted off for another one of the foreign trips he loves so much.

During that latest foreign trip (this time to Peru for the Summit of the Americas), Justin Trudeau took a moment to wave to the adoring crowds as he boarded his airplane.

Trudeau often waves as he boards his airplane, and this time seemed no different.

Except, there was nobody there, as can be seen in photos recently shared on Twitter. 

Check out the photos of Trudeau’s non-existent crowd, shared in a tweet below:

A tweet with more photos from that same day shows definitively that there was nobody there.

As you can see, there was no crowd to be waved at, so the waving ends up being a totally fake gesture:

Talk about a photo-op failure.

It was a great visual example of how Trudeau’s manipulatively-crafted image is empty at its core, based on appearances above substance.

Beyond these photos though, the real concern is the damage Justin Trudeau is doing when it comes to investment fleeing Canada.

With the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain expansion on life support, and people losing confidence in Canada as a place to do business, no amount of photo-ops can distract from the real economic consequences of Trudeau’s failed policies.

Spencer Fernando

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