Photos: Trudeau Waves To Empty Airport Tarmac

There’s nobody there Justin.

As Justin Trudeau’s poll numbers have fallen, he seems to be doubling down on the very things that have gotten him in trouble with Canadians.

He’s still obsessed with photo-ops, he’s demonizing the opposition and Canadians who disagree with him more aggressively than ever, and his deceptions and lies are increasing in volume.

Plus – even as the pipeline crisis swirls at home – Trudeau jetted off for another one of the foreign trips he loves so much.

During that latest foreign trip (this time to Peru for the Summit of the Americas), Justin Trudeau took a moment to wave to the adoring crowds as he boarded his airplane.

Trudeau often waves as he boards his airplane, and this time seemed no different.

Except, there was nobody there, as can be seen in photos recently shared on Twitter. 

Check out the photos of Trudeau’s non-existent crowd, shared in a tweet below:

A tweet with more photos from that same day shows definitively that there was nobody there.

As you can see, there was no crowd to be waved at, so the waving ends up being a totally fake gesture:

Talk about a photo-op failure.

It was a great visual example of how Trudeau’s manipulatively-crafted image is empty at its core, based on appearances above substance.

Beyond these photos though, the real concern is the damage Justin Trudeau is doing when it comes to investment fleeing Canada.

With the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain expansion on life support, and people losing confidence in Canada as a place to do business, no amount of photo-ops can distract from the real economic consequences of Trudeau’s failed policies.

Spencer Fernando

Photos – Twitter

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One plane for one man ? 1st Class seating no doubt.


So here is the proof that he is one of the BIGGEST POLLUTERS IN THE WORLD! Very much like Suzuki who travels on his huge airplane alone all over the world telling everybody to stop using their cars that pollute and go to work riding your bike in January in Toronto. BOTH FOOLS!


Did Monsef go along on this trip as she has on others? Maybe she is already on the plane.

Derek Metcalfe

Nothing says be environmentally conscious like cavalierly flying around in an empty jet. The hypocrisy sickening!


No, he isn’t alone on the aircraft.

Derek Metcalfe

BWAAAA HAAAAA HAAAAAA HAAAAAAA! He actually got caught waving for a photo op.


Beautiful … !!
He’s waving to all the people lined up to vote for him in the next election … so let’s join the crowd !!
I suspect he learned how to wave in drama school … great training !!

jonno lego

Love it! and your name too! Well said fellow Canuckian


Hahaha…you got that Right!!

Eric Blair

You just know that Butts is working on this on two fronts: who it was that took the pictures as he/she had access to the tarmac and to tell the people’s network not to give it any coverage.

Andrew Klinzmann

Eric: Gerald Butts doesn’t have to “tell” ANYONE at the mainstream media not to cover embarrassing fiascoes like this ! They are already on-board with these alt-left clowns; and have their fawning, obsequious liberal-friendly marching orders ingrained into their tiny little heads ! We see this time and time again. Like when little Socks-and-Selfie boy was in Calgary for the Stampede….. When he was supposedly flipping pancakes at the Stampede breakfast, he was greeted by hoots of derision and loud jeers and boos. The mainstream media simply took the video, and added CANNED applause and cheers when they aired the… Read more »



Wendy Lush

His total fanbase: zero. Lookin’ good, Justin! /s

I’m just hoping he’s waving goodbye to Canada and not coming back.

Ann Harris

Wendy, you just read the mind of most Canadians!!


Walking all by himself, head down in defeat and shame.What could he be thinking? Do they have cameras in Peru?

I almost feel sorry for him. Naaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I don’t. Not one friggin bit. Because it’s 2018.

Ed R Peebles

Maybe He Needs Therapy !(RIGHT AWAY)

Ed P.

Kenneth Oblak

I wonder what is in the brief case? Comic books? One thing for sure Our Prime Sinister is creating a bigger carbon footprint than me. Just think, as a senior I can put my 57 cents per month raise towards a two dollar coffee at Tim Hortons. He might as well tell us peasants to go and eat cake. I said from the beginning that Justin would be the author of his own demise I was wrong, he is a puppet and the authors are making a fool of him and themselves.

Cindy Sandberg

Brings to mind recent photos of N. Korea that no one was supposed to see…..shops devoid of food, schools with children positioned with hands on computer keyboards but actual monitors & drives turned off &/or hollow. Smoke & mirrors.


My god if he ever BROKE his arm, he would be soooooo confused on what to do, I CANT WAVE ANYMORE,,, BOO HOO

Chris Malmstrom

Soon will come the time when he waves good buy permanently.

Dan Floyd

Change of our national anthem sums up his contribution.

Chris vrecko

I pray you are right, but in the mean time we are so in debt we are drowning.

Teri Newman

Welcome to what life was like here in the USA with our presidential joke obama! Thank GOD for President Trump!


Yes, he just had to do that to justify his existence as the Prime Minister!
Imagine having the gall to think that”I can do this”!
What an absurdity,what an idiot!!!

William Roberts

Don’t they have Challengers anymore. Whats to appear as the big wheel .Sorry little fella you’ll always be Drama Boy to me.

Tommy Hawk

When you are intellectually ’empty,’ waving to an empty tarmac is not a problem — perhaps he ran down the steps and waved back — eh? That would be just like him.

Rick Churchill

Not exactly the fan attention he wants, but certainly what he deserves.


A totally fake gesture for sure, just like him !


what happened to all his peoplekind?

Mary Louise Barlass

I, dearly, hope this wave is the beginning of what promises to be great entertainment. He is really waving goodbye to all his imaginary friends. I wonder if he realizes no one is waving back. That is the question…. whether it is….


Trudeau is a joke, poor Canada!!!! I wonder how much this trip will cost the Canadian taxpayers???

Kitti Pandey

What an ass he made of himself on the Indian trip, trying to stoke the died out Khalistan separatism fire that Pakistan had fuelled in India. Please do not come back. You are not welcome.

Wendy Lush

He’s waving to the refueling guy on the tarmac.

Bert McFadyen


Steve Shelnutt

Trudeau waving to every one of his supporters…..


Well he comes from excellent stockm m nmThe Sinclairs of the west coast drugged out hippies who lo ved photo ops with the rolling stones and daddy Pierre who drove around Quebec during WW 2 on his motor bike with his German war helmet on. Oh such class. One of my new found friends actually admits to voting for him because he is young
Young, Foolish, Niave and basically STUPID

Ian Holland

He is so deranged that maybe he thinks he sees a crowd! delusional at best!

Arlyn Greig

Just like my cat, Cute, but not too bright!