Watch: CBC ‘Panel’ Insanely Casts Nora Loreto As A Victim Following Widely Condemned Comments

Almost everyone in Canada disagreed with Loreto’s comments. Yet, CBC managed to find three people who cast her as a victim, including one panelist who said “free speech defenders are only interested in defending white nationalism.”

CBC is often portrayed as a far-left network, pushing out leftist propaganda in an effort to manipulate Canadians. While there are some exceptions to that (CBC has some reporters who are fair-minded), the network all too often acts in a way that diminishes their credibility and seems less like reporting the news and more like social engineering.

That was certainly the case in a recent panel about the comments made by Nora Loreto. Loreto recently shared the following thoughts on Twitter, and received a massive backlash in response:

Notably, Loreto’s terrible comments weren’t a one-off.

She has also made terrible comments targeting people by race and gender:

Considering the immense – and nearly unanimous condemnation of her comments – you would think that a panel representative of Canadians would make it clear that what she said was terrible, and that it’s no surprise there was such a strongly negative response to what she said.

But that’s not the case for a recent CBC panel.

On an issue where almost all Canadians are unified, CBC (paid for with our tax dollars), managed to find three people who cast Nora Loreto as a victim. Watch the panel discuss the issue in the video below:

The panel even managed to include someone so far to the left that they said “free speech defenders are only interested in defending white nationalism.”

Wow, as a mixed-race defender of free speech, that’s certainly news to me. More and more, we can see that the left have lost their minds.

Clearly, Loreto is not a victim here. She made a terrible comment, and she got a massive negative response. To try and play the victim is a total misunderstanding of free speech.

Plus, as others have pointed out, Loreto’s comments were just flat out wrong. Canadians have shown an outpouring of support for those of all backgrounds killed in terrible tragedies. In fact, Canadians raised millions of dollars to help victims of the massive earthquake in Haiti. Canadians are kind people.

Throwing crap, then playing the victim when it comes flying back.

Freedom of speech means people have a right to share their opinions, without fear that the government will punish or censor them.

Inherently, that means that when one person uses their free speech to share an opinion, others are able to share an opinion right back.


Nora Loreto used the freedom she had to share her thoughts, and a massive number of people strongly disagreed with those thoughts. That doesn’t make her a victim.

The CBC panel (funded with our taxpayer dollars), should have shown a true representation of Canadian public opinion, rather than trying to pass off radical left perspectives as somehow standing for what most Canadians think.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Elizabeth Thorne

Why would anyone be surprised at the horse pucky you hear on CBC. So tired of nasty people.


Agreed, Elizabeth.

Jazmine Salem

I’m more surprised that people still watch CBC

Tommy Hawkt

You are asking for the impossible with the CBC, sir — and I suspect that you already know that.

However, it is good for Canada that you can have your comments on the internet which, to me at least, are refreshing and Canada in general is better off for those comments – on a number of subjects of national interest.

Personally, having had dealings with the CBC back in the sixties, I can attest to their ‘selective ‘reporting.’ Nothing has changed — except uper management.

Frances Gruno

This woman is not a victim in any sense of the term. She is very outspoken and said what she felt, but people need to remember it is only her opinion. Read her twitter. I have no respect for her to begin with so I tend to skip over her tweets. CBC should be ashamed of themselves for even giving her the time of day. There is hatred every where in Canada today either for the politics, ethnic groups, Bill’s being passed etc. maybe CBC could interview one of these citizens.


It is not even an opinion from Loreto. What is she talking about? She made a very weird comment.
Loreto is a weirdo.


Worse than that, she’s a CREEPY weirdo.


Ha, it is getting tricky to do anything, without racial slurs. Just today I went to buy a new phone and the salesperson did not speak English very well, which is becoming common, so I was trying to explain my needs, as I have some trouble with using my hands and touch screens are hard to use for me, but she could not understand this, so I tried to explain again, also showing her, she told me to go to another store, I think? Another person in the store waiting got very upset and yelled at the salesperson who answered… Read more »

Kenneth Oblak

I hope you are not surprised by this incident. Old stock Canadians are being rapidly replaced by migrants. And as they begin to more and more outnumber us, the more they will become rude and arrogant to us.We are falling victim to our own kndness, small population and reckless immigration policies of successive government , especially the current one.

Glen Bailey

Yes,you are right Nancy.Partly the reason why some companies hire people that don’t speak english or even if they do, is that they are just part time so they do not have to pay higher wages and benefits,especially those who are “new” to the country.Did you ever try to call your own bank, even though it is only 20k away and get India of all places?It’s because the company can get away with paying much,much less for the services.Have anyone else ever noticed that racism seems to be rampant since our illustrious leader insist on bringing all these “irregular”immigrants into… Read more »

k p

I am astonished that such a tragedy, and the response to it by our country, has been turned into an example of so called systemic racism, and criticizing how white Canadians mourn. I am sick and tired of listening to people like this! A Black woman who has an amazing, and well paid job speaking out about white supremacy and systemic racism holding back minorities, how did she manage to escape it? A Gay man, who obviously has, again, a well paid government funded job who again plays himself as an eternal victim and must attack the white supremacists in… Read more »


I WONDER…How much were these 4 Scum bags paid to come on CBC?


Because they have lost ( if they ever had) all that is Canadian. We have become a MISERABLE people and we can thank the Liberal party for putting this on us. I pray we last till next fall.

Denis D

Thanks Trudeau!,,


Every candy-ass snowflake is doing exactly what you suspected … just waiting to pretend they are “offended” so they can make like they are oh, so much more righteous and politically correct than you … it’s a sickening trend.
Pretty disgusting really.
Welcome to the Canada we don’t recognize any more …
Oh, sorry … did that offend someone … ???

Walter Perry

I find it egregious that they had not a single bereaved parent or grandparent in this CBC panel. Shame on you CBC and shame on you Nora Loreto.

Straw man arguments much?

Eric Blair

So why didn’t the CBC have someone from the hockey world comment on this maybe someone from the hockey world that is seen on the CBC… say Don Cherry for instance. I would have loved to have seen that but there again I never watch the CBC except for the hockey.

Marilyn Lewis

‘Nora Loreto used the freedom she had to share her thoughts’; but according to the rules of free speech, she had a right to THINK what she did; however she had no right to share those thoughts; common decency says otherwise … and that is an ethical or moral matter. That ‘a massive number of people strongly disagreed with those thoughts’ indicates that she had crossed into ‘ taboo-area’. Nora Loreto is not a victim — she’s an amoral loser.

Frederick J. McInnis

It is surprising to me that this many people listen to or pay attention to CBC, especially point of view interviews. Their audience is small and in decline. Take a listen to the Sunday morning radio broadcast all across Ontario 6-9, but do not bother to lodge a complaint. Incidentally, who is Nora Loreto?

Isabella Doupe

Does anyone even know if all of the victims were even “white”? Cannot remember even seeing anything about that and who cares if they were white , redd , yellow or black? ? or any other colour They were our kids—Canadian kids–and also some special adult Canadians . That is all that matters ! !

Ed R Peebles

This is a case of it can get you only if you let it ! Life is Happening with or without you , People tend to become hysterical to easy !



What a load of crap. The woman made what was an absolutely disgusting tweet and now plays the victim. It’s good that you got 1000’s of emails telling you what real Canadians think. The thing that pissed everyone off is the fact that had this been a busload of indigenous hockey players and Canadians everywhere would have been mourning(as they would and should), nothing would have been said by this woman. It’s like journalists nowadays seek out stories where they can condemn whites for being white. Well guess what lady, you got, and will continue to get, exactly what you… Read more »


I doubt she checked the racial background and the sexual orientation of those on the bus and skipped over the female victim before she tweeted a disgusting tweet. I am sure if it was a team of young people from any gender or race that Canadians and those people(100,000+) from 80 different countries are not all racists, homophobes or sexist., and would have done the same.

Barry Trembetzky

Another example of the insane leftist agenda of the CBC. The arguments of the panel in defending that vile woman are complete nonsense. To use the Humboldt tragedy as a platform to espouse any political ideology or social commentary is totally unacceptable by any standard. BOYCOTT THE CBC.

alan skelhorne

my my cbc, lol. wow can,t wait for the day when this establishment goes down.
michael coren lol, what a complete left leading limey, he is just another bottom feeder in reporting.
the day that i don,t hear from anymore, as for the the other guy, really comparing the pulse to this tragic accident, as for the other woman, just plain no comment.brittany its time you look where your paycheck is coming from.

Miles Lunn

Never mind not all those killed were white. I believe there were a few aboriginals on the team. Likewise Canadians of all races showed solidarity with the victims, in fact I saw on twitter a picture at Canada’s largest mosque of their members all wearing jerseys in solidarity with those killed in the Humboldt Broncos tragedy. Clearly this crossed the line and perhaps maybe for the SJWs they need to stop seeing every issue through a gender and/or race lens. Yes there is a place to talk about those, but not on every issue.


a long time ago i was asked this question! When we use the word should we are parrotting someone elses values – What do you really think?

Joanne Francis

The problem here is not that she got backlash for exercising her right to free speech. The problem is that she used the world’s attention on our tragedy to further her own agenda and, worse, her statement was intentional race baiting. She intentionally belittled every Canadian, and people around the world, who had donated to the fund, by saying if they hadn’t been predominantly young white males, the reaction would not have been are enormous. She saw vile backlash because she is the epitome of those who are so hell bent on attaining racial and gender equality by blaming white… Read more »

Raymond of Canada

No one person here is denying Nora has a right to speak freely. We are just shocked that she is so full of bitterness and hate!

Alyn Starkman

She has the right she is just upset because so many of us disagree with her. Typical leftwing arrogance.

DC in Edmonton

These have to be the most hurtful comments I’ve ever seen leveled against young white males at a time when they suffered horrific deaths. The CBC is broadcasting those same vile comments under a false banner of debate. This is something I would expect on some hate website , not the federally funded news org. Boycott them and demand they be defunded after the next election.

Rick Churchill

The true face of racist sexism in Canada, courtesy of the CBC.

D R Lindberg

Apparently, just mentioning white male privilege is a worse crime that death threats, rape threats, attempts to intimidate possible employers and all the rest


Why is Brittany Andrew so racist?

She’s the one that is perpetuating the race agenda/dialogue with her blather here in the vid. How pathetic is she. Indeed how racist she is.

Brittany – you’re the one talking “white supremacy” (you introduced that into this farcical ‘discussion’). Canada is anything but close to a country of white supremacists.

You’re an obvious example of a black supremacist though with the agenda you are pushing.

A genuine question for you: When are you going to get away from skin colour as a basis for any argument you make?


The people have spoken Panelists! Some of it might be vile yes but they will not agree with this traitorous Marxist Nora Loreto. All the people in the “panel” are representative of left of center views. Are we supposed to think this is a fair discussion?
Micheal Coren was a fair broadcaster some 12-15 years ago until “some thing” – and I don’t know what – tainted his view points. Probably some emotional damage that needs to be dealt with, which is the case for a lot of these types.

Wendy Lush

Denis D says:
April 14, 2018 at 8:25 pm

” Thanks Trudeau!,, ”

Which one, Egghead Dad or his demented son?

David Cameron

The CBC’s predictable, politically correct panel totally misses the point. There is a Canadian nation, established centuries ago and their primarily English, Irish, Scottish and French names can be seen dominating the tombstones of the pioneers, scientists and the veterans who fought for this country over those centuries. Part of that heritage is hockey, the sport that Canadians invented and are universally known for so to see so many young Canadian hockey kids killed has special meaning to Canadians. To see the ignorant, politically correct moronic drone writer drag the assinine specter of racism into the story will predictably create… Read more »

David Cameron

I forgot to mention that the proof of the English, Irish, Scottish and French history of Canada is reflected and illustrated in the Canadian Coat of Arms.

James McMartin

in 2 successful days she opened up and basically attacked the tragedy ( saw it live ) and since she did not stop with her negative comments …people got angry with her . HER comments were badly times !///// Shame on You CBC

Wendy Lush

So you want to talk identity politics, Nora Loreto? OK, chew on this:

It’s looking like the truck driver that blew through that STOP sign that the Broncos bus slammed into was a visible minority who had only been driving for two weeks with the two-man long haul trucking company involved. Had our immigration and licensing policies been more rigorous in recent years and not so loose, who knows what would have or would have not happened.

Alyn Starkman

Free speech means you get to speak your mind even when what you have to say is inappropriate. But it also means that we who disagree with what you have to say get to speak our minds as well. However the Liberal Left is always whining about those of us who have to audacity to question their ridiculous ideas. Now in the case of Nora Loreto yes I agree that death threats or libel are not acceptable. But anything else short of that is something you snowflakes are going to have to live with if you choose to participate on… Read more »