At Rally, Doug Ford Says “We Believe In Empowering The People, Not The Government”

Ford criticizes Kathleen Wynne for believing “that the people work for the government,” saying “We have a different philosophy. We have a philosophy of the government works for the people.”

During a recent Rally for a Better Ontario, Doug Ford shared his vision of the contrast between the Ontario Liberals lead by Kathleen Wynne, and the PC Party.

Ford said the “Liberals are on life-support,” and pointed out that Wynne’s recent spending-spree budget seemed like an episode of the Oprah Winfrey show, saying he was waiting for Wynne to say “you get a free car, you get a free car, you get a free car.”

Addressing the crowd, Ford then noted that “Kathleen Wynne, make no mistake about it, truly believes that she’s smarter than each and every one of you. She truly believes that the people work for the government.”

Ford then said, “We have a different philosophy, we have a philosophy of the government works for the people. We believe in empowering the people, not the government.”

Watch Ford’s remarks in the video below:

The people taking back power from the elites

Ford effectively exposed the elitist mindset behind Kathleen Wynne’s policies. Wynne doesn’t trust the people, she only trusts herself and her small circle of political advisers. She hides her elitism and distrust of the people behind slogans about ‘caring,’ but all she has left behind in government is a mountain of debt, and a rising cost of living that is crushing working class and middle class Ontarians, while pushing businesses out of the province.

That’s why it’s refreshing to see someone in politics who is actually willing to call out the fake rhetoric of the elites, and put trust in those who are supposed to actually in power: The people.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube