Following Failed Pipeline Meeting, Trudeau Jets Off To Paris

Justin Trudeau is heading overseas again.

After taking a quick break from his visit to Peru for the Summit of the Americas, Trudeau is now heading to Paris, where he’ll be giving a speech to the National Assembly of France.

Unsurprisingly, Trudeau is expected to sign from the globalist songsheet during his speech.

According to the CP, “His speech is expected to touch on the rise of nationalism, populism and xenophobia, which have become serious concerns in France and other parts of Europe in recent years.”

As we have seen, Trudeau has tried to demonize the majority of Canadians who want our government to look after our national interests first, and thinks that populism (aka listening to the people), is somehow a bad thing.

Trudeau is always glad to head to foreign countries and portray himself as the defender of globalism, which matches his actions here at home where he sells out our nation and pushes businesses away from our country.

Recall that Trudeau has said Canada should be a ‘post national state,’ devoid of any unifying national identity. He also seems bored with Canada, as whenever things get tough here at home, he takes off to get that international press attention he craves so much.

So, it’s no surprise that right after failing to end the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline crisis, Trudeau is leaving Canada once again. While he’s having fun in Paris, we’ll be dealing with the political and economic chaos he’s left behind.

Spencer Fernando

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You said it , Spencer. Political and economic chaos will be at the centre of his legacy. He has provinces and people divided. His Alinsky strategy is doing damage and I fear our people don’t see it yet.

Tommy Hawk

Some do, Bruce and many do not — but perhaps by the time he has left (if I can use that term since he is already too far left) reality may well set in . If it does not we are, indeed, in deep, deep trouble and I can foresee not too great a future for a once great country.


This is not a Quebec crisis therefore crisis in Western Canada particulary Alberta does not concern Justin Trudeau even when Alberta gives billion of dollars to Quebec every year. And, as long as Quebec receives billions from Alberta there is nothing for Justin to worry about or waste his time on.
Mind you, if Alberta decides oilsands revenues remain Alberta is when you will hear Justin voice loud and clear for Quebec.

Carmen Wallace

Justin Trudeau really wants the pipeline to fail. He’s got his prov. henchmen, Horgan and Notley to spare over the pipeline, which neither of them want, unless they can take it over and becomes government ownership. Then the environmental people are neutral. Nothing to legislate because the govt is exempt. They really want Kinder Morgans property at .10 cents on the dollar. I assume. So Trudeau is not going to B. C. With the hammer and make B. C. Live up to federal law and jurisdiction. They are all a bunch of slimeballs.

Wendy Lush

Top photo: OMG look, could it be?.. it’s.. it’s.. JT ‘Spliff’ Trudeau and the Suffragettes!!

Pete Black

Do we have a legal means of firing him for breach of contract , negligence, malfeasance and fraud.


Pure Kakistocracy…..

bj stewart

Political and religious control are near their end. It is a movement and it is no longer under their control. More awake and aware than you realize. They are scurrying fast to get their NWO agenda in place. They lost track of time. Times up. Too bad, so sad.