Video: Trudeau’s Meeting With B.C. & Alberta Premiers Fails, Horgan Still Opposes Trans Mountain Expansion

Trudeau’s meeting failed to convince Horgan.

Justin Trudeau’s meeting with John Horgan and Rachel Notley has failed to ensure the future of the Trans Mountain pipeline.

As you can see below, B.C. Premier John Horgan has refused to stop opposing the pipeline:

As a result – despite all the talking points that will be spewed in the aftermath – the inescapable conclusion is that Justin Trudeau’s meeting has failed.

The federal government has definitive jurisdiction to build the pipeline, and the government has significant leverage to use over the B.C. government. Yet, instead of use that leverage, Justin Trudeau refuses to take a strong stand.

Now, we are in a situation where – even if the pipeline is built – it may cost Canadian taxpayers hundreds of millions, or even billions of taxpayer dollars. That’s a direct result of how Justin Trudeau has turned the pipeline approval system into a twisted politicized process.

The approval of the final project has never been in more doubt. Clearly, Justin Trudeau’s meeting failed to change that.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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bj stewart

you say Spencer: The federal government has definitive jurisdiction to build the pipeline, and the government has significant leverage to use over the B.C. government. Yet, instead of use that leverage, Justin Trudeau refuses to take a strong stand. Where does the federal government get this definitive jurisdiction? The leverage you speak off I presume is to withhold transfer payments. Trudeau has no power what so ever over the provinces. All the provinces have to do is create their own currency and worry about themselves. Of course, the elite will want to declare war if they do that. Look at… Read more »


Did anyone actually expect anything to change between the 3 communist groups?




Time to invoke martial law to clear out the U.S.-paid protesters, the greenies and other leftist dissidents – politicians especially, like the boll weevil (Weaver), among others – and the First Nations clans who do not see what their First Nations brothers see in the KM pipeline project, that is the benefits to ALL Indigenous peoples. As has been pointed out, and sad to say, it is difficult for those 51 First Nations who have approved the project to go against their brother First Nations who oppose the project. Nonetheless, the greater good and democracy must prevail. If the NDP… Read more »

Yan Pro

Alberta should boycott the tourism industry in BC for as long as albertans don’t get this pipeline.

Ralph Knapp

That’s what happens when the Prime Minster doesn’t have a pair.

alan skelhorne

what prime minister where did he go to now, he had no one to wave to at peru, he has to find people for his selfies.

Alma Belhumeur

Notely and Hogan are just as immature as the Prime Minister! They all need to grow up and end this fude. It is very childish and they need to put Canadians first and end this power trip of who is right and who is wrong! Our people need to live and raise their families and earn a pay check.


Plain and obvious that the Justin fake s return under the guise of EMERGENCY CRISIS is a way to let Canadians believe that he ” should ” act in some way or other on this issue ….his delay tactics and his selfie needing personality once again indicate how much of a procrastinator this management is …UNFIT

Moe S.

Once Reverend Trudeau got through his sappy speech terminology such as, ‘togetherness, pulling together, dreams, better communities, Canadians playing and cooperating together, great forces of change for all, struggling to remember the name, Kinder Morgan and blaming B.C. for rhetoric and the impasse. The bottom line? Canadian taxpayers will be buying and paying for a pipeline NOT knowing what the final price will be? Public funds will be used because ‘Canadians want us to do this and are counting on good jobs.’ So, Kinder Morgan investors were going to spend 7.4 billion to build the pipeline. Now, the Liberal gov’t… Read more »

Pete Black

Maybe there is still hope for the West To East pipeline especially if Miss Wynne is out of the picture. WE project is a no brainer. No more oil by rail, we earn the value added by refining our own crude, no more Arab and Venezuala dirty crude, thousands of maritime jobs, our refined products go to market at RETAIL. Pipelines are safe. Even better we will use one that already exists avoiding billions of investment that could go to better projects.


Horgan is fully aware that Justin has no love for the west far lese for the pipelines. And, neither does Notely since she also protested against the pipelines ans oilsands.
So, all three of them are just using each other for their own purpose.

Ron Voss

Time to stop pussyfooting. If we had a premier of Alberta willing to stand up for the province, the ultimatum to Trudeau get this pipeline built or we will initiate a referendum to leave confederation.


Trash the stupid carbon taxes. No pipeline, no Trudeau Carbon Tax.

I will be asking our local grocery stores what arrangements they have made to bring in food when Alberta converts the KM line to 100% crude and fuel supplies drop to 50%.

Bob Fry

Surprise!, Surprise!, Mr. Trudeau really showed us his negotiating skills, plus his position of P.M. of Canada he really told off Mr. Horgan. This is like Texas Holdem Poker, you better know what hand you have before starting the bidding, because if you don’t then by the time you hit the River card, you have no strength to bluff or up the ante. John Horgan stood his position as he cannot afford to blink. Rachel Notely had the second best hand with potential to turn off everything. Then there is Mr. Trudeau, he is the leader of the Country (… Read more »