Video: Trudeau’s Meeting With B.C. & Alberta Premiers Fails, Horgan Still Opposes Trans Mountain Expansion

Trudeau’s meeting failed to convince Horgan.

Justin Trudeau’s meeting with John Horgan and Rachel Notley has failed to ensure the future of the Trans Mountain pipeline.

As you can see below, B.C. Premier John Horgan has refused to stop opposing the pipeline:

As a result – despite all the talking points that will be spewed in the aftermath – the inescapable conclusion is that Justin Trudeau’s meeting has failed.

The federal government has definitive jurisdiction to build the pipeline, and the government has significant leverage to use over the B.C. government. Yet, instead of use that leverage, Justin Trudeau refuses to take a strong stand.

Now, we are in a situation where – even if the pipeline is built – it may cost Canadian taxpayers hundreds of millions, or even billions of taxpayer dollars. That’s a direct result of how Justin Trudeau has turned the pipeline approval system into a twisted politicized process.

The approval of the final project has never been in more doubt. Clearly, Justin Trudeau’s meeting failed to change that.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter