Conservatives Call For Emergency Debate On Trans Mountain Pipeline Crisis

Speaker agrees, debate will be held tonight.

The Speaker of the House of Commons has agreed to a request by the Conservatives for an emergency debate on the Trans Mountain pipeline crisis.

The debate will be held tonight.

The call for a debate was made by Shannon Stubbs, the Conservative natural resources critic.

As noted by the CP, Stubbs said “thousands of jobs and billions of dollars for the Canadian economy are at stake, making the stalled project an urgent matter that needs the immediate attention of MPs. Speaker Geoff Regan agreed, granting the request on the spot.”

Notably, the Conservatives had called for an emergency debate about two months ago. Yet, the Liberal speaker denied the request.

Similarly, the recent scramble by the Trudeau Liberals to look like they’re doing ‘something’ about the pipeline crisis is a big contrast with their total inaction for months, even as the crisis gathered steam.

It has been known for a long time that John Horgan was trying to shut down the expansion, yet the Trudeau government refused to take action, letting the problem fester to the point at which Kinder Morgan announced the suspension of all non-essential work on the project.

Spencer Fernando

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