Doug Ford Plans To Exempt Minimum Wage Earners From Provincial Income Tax

Tax cut proposal is designed to provide relief for those struggling to make ends meet.

Doug Ford is putting money behind his pledge to support working people in Ontario.

He says that he’ll bring in a tax credit that exempts minimum wage earners from the provincial income tax.

The plan will return $500 million from the hands of the politicians and bureaucrats back to the people.

Previously, Ford has said he’ll exempt everybody making less than $30,000 per year from the income tax provincially.

Here’s what Ford said on Twitter:

“Our priority is to put more money in your pocket. Under a PC government, if you are making minimum wage, you are going to pay no income tax at all.”

As Ford recently said at a rally, his philosophy is that the government works for the people, as opposed to Wynne who thinks that the people work for the government.

By ensuring minimum wage workers can keep more of their own money, Ford is making good on his promise to empower people, rather than empowering an already overbearing government.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Buying off the mob right off the bat is a very sound strategic move on the part of a politician.

Miles Lunn

Seems like a decent idea and unlike the NDP or Liberal plans won’t harm small businesses. Yes a minimum wage hike would benefit low income earners more if they keep their job and their hours. The problem is many companies are either letting them go or cutting back their hours thus meaning they don’t benefit from the minimum wage hike. At least this will not harm the business. I am fine with eventually raising the minimum wage to $15/hour but should be done gradually so businesses can adjust not 32% in 18 months or even worse 32% in 6 months… Read more »


Fantastic philosophy! Because for every dollar paid by the taxpayer, only some 20 cents remain, the rest is lost in government handling. It could be more, it could be less, but you get the idea.


I like Doug, but this is not a really something I support at all.
I get why he is doing it, to deflate the Liberals and other socialists. But everyone should be paying taxes, in fact we should be paying a flat tax, where everyone all pays the same percentage regardless of earnings.

Jill Ward

sad fact is , if trudeau remains , and he is going to, and Doug Ford wins, it won’t matter how much money he tries to leave in our pockets because trudeau is making damn certain he STEALS IT ALL as he has been doing since the second he took office- ILLEGALLY , I MIGHT ADD!!

Tommy Hawk

Was there not a time in history when such a move would be called ‘enlightenment’?

Who knows, maybe there is still hope.