Trudeau Government Overturning 40 Years Of Immigration Policy, Will Increase Financial Burden On Healthcare System

The government made the change without even giving details on the cost.

The Trudeau Liberals have decided to overturn 40 years of Canadian immigration policy, which will lead to an increased financial burden on the already-stressed healthcare system.

They are ending a policy that made it difficult for intellectually and physically disabled immigrants to come to Canada.

The policy being overturned by the Trudeau government was previously upheld by both Conservative and Liberal governments for nearly half a century.

The reason is that the policy helped ensure that provincial healthcare systems did not face increased healthcare costs as a result of immigration, thus ensuring that there was more money in place to help Canadian citizens.

But now, that’s coming to an end.

According to the CP, “After four decades, the federal government is getting rid of rules that turned away would-be immigrants with intellectual or physical disabilities, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said Monday. The government will no longer be allowed to reject permanent resident applications from those with serious health conditions or disabilities.”

Here’s what Hussen said about the new rules:

“The current provisions on medical inadmissibility are over 40 years old and are clearly not in line with Canadian values or our government’s vision of inclusion. These newcomers can contribute and are not a burden to Canada. These newcomers have the ability to help grow our economy and enrich our social fabric.”

Yet, as noted by Conservative Shadow Minister for Immigration Michelle Rempel, the costs from this change will be downloaded onto the provinces, and the government doesn’t even know the final pricetag:

“Compassion should be at the heart of our immigration system, but it is not compassionate to make changes like this without any idea about how much it will cost, with 100% download of cost to the provinces. My dissenting opinion can be found here – pg 51-58

On Twitter, reporter Janice Dickson noted there were “few funding details” from the government announcement.

What about disabled Canadians?

As the government makes this change, many people are pointing out how disabled Canadian citizens often can’t get the help they need in our healthcare system.

And that healthcare system is already overburdened, with long wait times showing signs that much of the system is failing.

So, if the government can’t even support disabled Canadians, how does it make sense to put provinces on the hook for increased healthcare costs from non-citizens?

Plus, we all remember Justin Trudeau’s comment that Veterans were asking for more than we are able to give right now, yet he’s willing to overturn a 40-year bipartisan consensus on immigration policy, and that overturning will result on an increased financial burden on the healthcare system.

As I said on Twitter, after all this hypocrisy and refusal to stand up for Canadian citizens, how does Justin Trudeau sleep at night?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Ed R Peebles


Ed P.

Bill Mason

What’s with this “not in line with Canadian values ” statement the current federal gov’t keeps quoting. Do these guys even know what Canadian values are as opposed to their self serving bleeding heart agenda that ties up our tax dollars and makes a sham of any of our current over stressed social and medical gov’t controlled systems. These guys have lived the high life to long to think they they have any idea what “Canadian Values” actually are.

Ann Harris

Many Canadians believe that, because Trudeau is an idiot that he just doesn’t know what he’s doing. If nothing else, HE knows exactly what he’s doing. He gets his orders from the UN globalization moneyed elite, not from Canadians as he’s supposed to. He’s running rampant over Canada and intends to hand us over to the ‘One World Order’ (Soros, moneyed elite) as a post ‘national state’ in said one world order, thereby taking away our sovereignty. Globaliation involves, no nations, no borders, mixed ethics worldwide. Remember what he said way back….. One of the most telling comments from… Read more »


Are these the “Canadian Values” that he and many others claimed we didn’t have when Kelly Leitch was campaigning for the Conservative leadership? Why are “Canadian Values all of a sudden so important when they were laughed at and denigrated earlier. Liberal / Conservative hypocrites. Liberals have no concept of what Canadian Values are.

Bernier is looking better every day.


What a nice mix and match! Trudeau is bringing in the disabled from other countries, the murderers from other countries, what else can we bring to make sure Canada becomes a successful country. Oh yes, kill all the businesses that he can as per Trudeau’s motto. Trudeau does not hear or listen, like the monkeys, NO TURDWORLD! How clearer can we be, THE PEOPLE!

Ann Harris

But, we’re not his boss as we should be.
He is a ‘global citizen’ under the control of the UN globalization moneyed elite.
We’ve been had, big time.
His goal is to turn Canada into a ‘state’ in the one world order. No more sovereignty. No more nation. No more Canada!
Imagine the world without a Canada in it.

Timothy Hickey

Canada needs a Prime MINISTER!

The policies may be 40 years old, but today they still reflect the Spirit in what it means to be Canadian!

Kenneth Oblak

The Liberals do not use rationality or common sense in making many of their policy decisions. After all, neither JT or his regime will have to do any of the heavy lifting.


All Canadians MUST vote this disfunctional Government OUT! For the sake of our kids and grandkids , boot these fools OUT

kathleen cerquozzi

The truth, what happened to the guy at the TOWN HALL with JUDAS JUSTINE, as he told JUSTINE, the feminist, that he was working and now on EI, with cancer and it is costing him A CANADIAN $900 or $600 PER MONTH for medication for his cancer, Lymphoma, and he can’t afford it, and yet ABLE BODIED WELFARE, refugees, GET IT FREE. JUDAS JUSTINE, said he would get back to him, NOTHING, RIGHT.

Moe S.

According to recent media reports, 50,000 illegal immigrants walked into Canada from the U.S. in 2017. These ‘self-selected’ illegal immigrants have displaced other successful refugee resettlement programs which were intended for the world’s persecuted due to war-torn parts of the world. Trudeau’s recent budget gave $173 MILLION to process 2017’s, illegal immigrants and more. Of the 30,000 Syrians, Trudeau brought to Canada only 10% are working after the first year here. The majority only have a grade 4 education. Ontario’s manufacturing jobs are gone. Automation is taking over low-paying jobs. Millions of Canadians and new immigrants without proper education, no… Read more »


I didn’t see him conculting with taxpayer’s (Canadians) over this or other matters as he does with Aboriginals. There are plenty of disabled in Canada who cannot get help — we just get ignored and are expected to keep paying out of our own pocket and if we can’t? OH well too bad – we don’t matter!! Just like being White!!!

Miles Lunn

I am not against bringing in disabled people if the benefits outweigh the costs, but you need to weigh those. All forms of discrimination against disabled people are unacceptable but immigrating to Canada is a privilege not a right. Now I could see some cases under the points system where you may take someone who is disabled such as a high functioning autistic person who excels in a certain area, someone with schitznophrenia but is highly skilled, a physically disabled person who works in an office job and is highly skilled. Not all people with disabilities are necessarily a burden… Read more »


Oh Canada, you are being destroyed by this smug idiot.


International Liberal Marxism Corraption Colonial Oligarchy Center Leders destroy Canada


What a great policy decision! Maybe more parents, like Amanda Telford, can drop their autistic son off at a Government office because they can’t get the help they need.

Ron Werner

The problem is, what the hec can we do about it?!! He’s destroying our country. The blasted media got him elected in a majority when had they kept their “wasted votes” comments to themselves at best Twipdeau would have gotten is a minority. We wouldn’t be in this mess. Its really hard to respect the position of Prime Minister when a fool occupies the position. There’s no money for vets, yet he flies a cook and a terrorist to India. He buys or rents Bollywood clothes, and now this. What we need is legislation that the PARTY ITSELF can be… Read more »

Brian Dougan

Compassion should be at the heart of our immigration policies? I disagree. Common sense ought to rule, and what’s good for the well being of our own. This country is truly going over a cliff. And there’s Trudope, and his band of idiots; pulling us over. (Don’t worry–Trudope and his liberal/socialist government stooges will have a soft landing–courtesy of the people who actually work for a living.)


How about the Liberals turn around and help the Canadians who are disabled and can’t get any form of support. Look at the mess in Ontario, WSIB refuses 90% of cases, and those people are mainly disabled. ODSP refuses people they class as disabled, and refuse to render any assistance. But they can find money for a transgender individual for surgery and get them on disability too. They can find money for “special access” programs for illegals, but nothing for low-income housing. That is if you’re not waiting 4-8 years or you get screwed and the government kicks you out… Read more »

Dan Jones

It is time fro a NATIONAL PETITION calling for the Immigation policy to be ONE POLICY for the WHOLE COUNTRY. The immigration policy for people entering at main points of entry should be enforced at ALL POINTS of entry. The current back door policy has thousands Even tens of thousands of people crossing the border with NO SCREENING. These new arrivals are supported for years until their refugee hearing can be heard . Trudeau is only interested in his image around the world and as no understanding of the long term consequences to the average Canadian.

Tommy Hawk

Say what you like. Hate him. Adore him. Waiting to decide.

He is systematically and intentionally destroying our CANADA — and old saying comes to mind:
“The worm eats the apple from the inside.

How appropriate!

Wendy Lush

JT has been flying in tons of GRANDPARENTS via family reunification and chain migration, as he had promised during the election. Any hospital will tell you the huge unsustainable burden they cost the health system – not to mention pensions.

Total insanity. He must think money grows on trees; for the man born with the silver spoon in his mouth it always has.

Wendy Lush

Tommy Hawk says:
April 18, 2018 at 2:18 pm

He is systematically and intentionally destroying our CANADA — and old saying comes to mind:
“The worm eats the apple from the inside”

And another old saying …
“A fish rots from the head down”