Trudeau Government Overturning 40 Years Of Immigration Policy, Will Increase Financial Burden On Healthcare System

The government made the change without even giving details on the cost.

The Trudeau Liberals have decided to overturn 40 years of Canadian immigration policy, which will lead to an increased financial burden on the already-stressed healthcare system.

They are ending a policy that made it difficult for intellectually and physically disabled immigrants to come to Canada.

The policy being overturned by the Trudeau government was previously upheld by both Conservative and Liberal governments for nearly half a century.

The reason is that the policy helped ensure that provincial healthcare systems did not face increased healthcare costs as a result of immigration, thus ensuring that there was more money in place to help Canadian citizens.

But now, that’s coming to an end.

According to the CP, “After four decades, the federal government is getting rid of rules that turned away would-be immigrants with intellectual or physical disabilities, Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said Monday. The government will no longer be allowed to reject permanent resident applications from those with serious health conditions or disabilities.”

Here’s what Hussen said about the new rules:

“The current provisions on medical inadmissibility are over 40 years old and are clearly not in line with Canadian values or our government’s vision of inclusion. These newcomers can contribute and are not a burden to Canada. These newcomers have the ability to help grow our economy and enrich our social fabric.”

Yet, as noted by Conservative Shadow Minister for Immigration Michelle Rempel, the costs from this change will be downloaded onto the provinces, and the government doesn’t even know the final pricetag:

“Compassion should be at the heart of our immigration system, but it is not compassionate to make changes like this without any idea about how much it will cost, with 100% download of cost to the provinces. My dissenting opinion can be found here – pg 51-58

On Twitter, reporter Janice Dickson noted there were “few funding details” from the government announcement.

What about disabled Canadians?

As the government makes this change, many people are pointing out how disabled Canadian citizens often can’t get the help they need in our healthcare system.

And that healthcare system is already overburdened, with long wait times showing signs that much of the system is failing.

So, if the government can’t even support disabled Canadians, how does it make sense to put provinces on the hook for increased healthcare costs from non-citizens?

Plus, we all remember Justin Trudeau’s comment that Veterans were asking for more than we are able to give right now, yet he’s willing to overturn a 40-year bipartisan consensus on immigration policy, and that overturning will result on an increased financial burden on the healthcare system.

As I said on Twitter, after all this hypocrisy and refusal to stand up for Canadian citizens, how does Justin Trudeau sleep at night?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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