WATCH: MP Shannon Stubbs Says Trudeau “Should Be Ashamed Of His Utter Failure To Champion” Trans Mountain Expansion

Emergency debate in the House of Commons over the Trans Mountain crisis gets heated.

The emergency debate in the House of Commons over the Trans Mountain crisis (called for by Conservative MP Shannon Stubbs) became quite heated.

Here are a few clips demonstrating the messages being put forth by the Conservatives, Liberals, and NDP:

MP Stubbs said Trudeau “should be ashamed by his utter failure to champion” the Trans Mountain pipeline, noting Trudeau’s long history of inaction on the issue.

Stubbs didn’t hold back in her denunciation of Trudeau:

Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr talked about federal authority – despite the fact that the Trudeau government has been incredibly weak in asserting the legal authority they already possess:

Meanwhile, the NDP (despite Jagmeet Singh being the invisible man on the issue), seemed to side more with B.C. NDP Premier Hogan, instead of the NDP Premier in Alberta.

A key point to note regarding the emergency debate is the fact that the Conservatives had called for such a debate months ago, before the crisis reached critical levels.

That call was not supported by the Liberal Speaker of the House, and Trudeau spent two more months doing nothing to support the project while it came closer and closer to collapse.

Now, we are in a situation where – even if it gets approved – it could cost billions of taxpayer dollars, something that was once unthinkable for a private sector project, and another sign of how badly the Trudeau government is breaking Canada’s energy industry.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Darryl nagy

Most of b.c what’s the pipeline when Hogan speaks he,s not speaking for the people of b.c. let the people of b.c. vote a yes or no.and end the b.s. The way the greens and NDP got in was b.s deal any WAY.. IF YOUR THE LEADER OF THE PROVINCE LISTEN TO YOUR TAX PAYER NOT YOUR FEW FOLLOWERS.


The NDP made a serious error in that speech. He said the people of BC – – – . What he should have said is SOME of the people in BC.

Depending on the poll, between 55% and 70% of the citizens in BC support the line. Horgan and Weaver are finished. Shortened political careers.


Trudeau instead of doing his job in the last few months and years, has been clowning around in foreign countries. Now Trudeau is further digging Canada into an infinite hole. Canada is NO TURD-WORLD!

Ron Voss

No, Trudeau is not “ashamed” but rather proud in following through with Gerald Butts’ commitment that there be no more pipelines.


The Canadian people left in Canada have a real fight on our hands. If we cannot fix this government it is destroying our country, Quebec, that is not in our constitution, should not have a say in what is happening out west, nor should our Quebec government, either join us and be Canadian or stay quiet. I will never vote for an outside government. Canadians stand together, we the real people of Canada have to have a Canadian government, or we are gone.


Quebec says it supports BC, they both have barges full of oil coming into their “green” pristine (ha) waters from foreign lands. Ontario is polluted with mind disturbing, earth killing, ugly, low production, low life span, expensive “green” windmills, all bought and run by foreign business, on contract with our corrupt government here. We could have clean energy in Canada, but our governments would rather buy and be controlled by foreigners, and I don’t mean Americans) , so again no jobs for Canadians, no real businesses left still owned by Canadians and now our foreign government even wants a north… Read more »

Brian Dougan

Nancy; well said.

Tommy Hawk

Everything this ‘clown’ says or does, or wants to do, or intends to do, or has done, has cost our country far more than it can afford and, if for nothing else, he should be removed from office — very soon. Even an elastic has a breaking point.