Establishment Media Manipulatively Twists Doug Ford Speech In Embarrassing Attempt To Link Him To Trump


The attempt by the establishment media to take down Doug Ford is clearly underway.

During a recent speech, Ford called for an outside audit to “probe the entirety of Kathleen Wynne’s fiscal mess and follow the money to see how your tax dollars are really being spent.”

Ford said a PC government would bring “outside auditors” to look into the state of finances left by the Wynne government.

Ford also referenced the fact that the former top staffer to Dalton McGuinty – David Livingston – is heading to prison for his part in the gas plants scandal.

Bringing up Wynne’s “reckless spending,” Ford said “If Kathleen Wynne tried to pull these kinds of shady tricks in private life, then there would be a few more Liberals joining David Livingston in jail.”

Obviously, Ford wasn’t calling for jailing Wynne. He was pointing out the total double-standard that lets politicians get away with stuff the rest of us couldn’t.

But that’s not how some of the establishment media spun it.

They twisted Ford’s words, and tried to make it look like he was echoing Donald Trump’s “lock her up” refrain from the US Presidential campaign.

Here’s what the Toronto Star said:

“Echoing Donald Trump’s “lock her up” mantra about Hillary Clinton, Ford told a crowd in Brockville on Tuesday that Wynne’s Liberals are up to no good.”

Here’s what the Toronto Star tweeted:

Here’s what Toronto Star reporter Robert Benzie said about it:

Here’s what a reporter from iPolitics said:

Here’s what Toronto Now said:

Of course, Doug Ford never said “lock her up.” The media just made up the quote, then acted as if Ford said it, even though he didn’t.

Note also how at least three different news organizations used the same manipulative messaging to make it look like Ford said something he didn’t.

With this kind of deception and manipulation, no wonder so many people see much of the media as fake news.

The Ontario Liberals have been desperate to try and compare Ford to Trump, and now it seems like some of the press are participating in that effort.

That’s why those of us who fight for the truth need to expose the manipulations and speak out. With the Liberals and their cronies increasingly desperate to hold onto power at any cost, the lies and deceptions will continue to spread unless they are countered rapidly and strongly.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Terry Davis

I said Soros inspired manipulation would start about now. It will only increase. Just watch for ballot box manipulation too.

Martin J Hoogerdijk

Sounds like the Liberals have people in their pocket in the media, trying to accuse Doug Ford of saying things, he didn’t say. Keep trying Liberals! We the Ontario People can listen to the actual words spoken by Doug Ford.


Sadly Canadians are believing our bought and paid for Media.

Sean Short

Still @ 19% . Kathleen’s purile attempts to improve her standing just falls flat. She should realize she has absolutely no hope and withdraw now.


In The Hamilton Spectator there was an opinion article slamming Ford and that the Lieberals needed all of our help to keep democracy in Ontario and Canada, because populist governments were not democratic, just strongmen governments, everyone would loose their jobs and people depending on government assistance will not get it????? etc. refugees would be kicked out of Canada etc., you really cannot read a paper without Lieberal propaganda. There was not one article that was good about Doug Ford. What gave me hope was that in letters to the editor finally some people complained about this and said get… Read more »

Ron Werner

These dumb libtards just might be in for a surprise. I think enough people are so fed up with Wynne that calling for “jail time” just might get Ford more votes!


They should be forced to retract they’re statements and apologize to Mr. Ford !


It’s not the media you moron it’s clear thinking people who see Doug as your promoted buffoon

Ron Voss

I am tired of conservatives being squeamish about favouring Donald Trump and join the virtue-signalling leftists who see only bad things in what he does in an effort to make America great. I wish Ford would say something like, ‘I like Donald Trump, but I’m not Donald Trump.’,

Peter Black

A comparison between the American and Canadian elitist lying mainstream media is equally in order. journalism has fled the world by being replaced with sewer style politics where lying now is standard fare. Media credibility is sinking fast. Mr Ford will ride the high road to a history making victory just like Trump did. Watch Toronto Star circulation plummet.

Rick Churchill

The mainstream media continues to lobby for the Liberals, whether Federal or Provincial. Perhaps Ford’s promise to have outside auditors follow the money and see where it went has more than just the Liberals in a panic.

Tommy Hawk

Distressingly, this is the ‘new’ approach of our MSM, rather than just ‘report the news,’ and has been going on over a long period of time — and I can attest to that personally.

It is not unlike the ‘spoiled child syndrome’ wherein, when the spoiled child does not get their wishes as they vision they should, they resort to the ‘name calling’ game.

Peter Hessels

Great job Spencer Fernando.
I look forward to your reports. Thanks for shining light on the corrupt biased media.