Hypocrite: Trudeau Threatens To Withhold $62 Million From Saskatchewan For Opposing Carbon Tax, Yet Gave B.C. $4.1 Billion Despite Trans Mountain Opposition

As Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe asked on Twitter, “Is PM actually serious about getting this built?”

There is a massive double-standard in how Justin Trudeau is handling fights between the federal government and provinces.

When Saskatchewan refused to impose Trudeau’s job-killing carbon tax, Trudeau threatened to take away $62 million in ‘green infrastructure’ funding.

Yet, even as the B.C. NDP was ignoring federal law and blocking the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, Justin Trudeau gave Horgan’s government $4.1 billion in infrastructure funding.

So, Saskatchewan got punished for not wanting to wreck their economy, while B.C. got rewarded for trying to wreck a project that would benefit all of Canada.

It’s an outrageous level of hypocrisy, and it shows how Trudeau ‘governs’ based on his own selfish political interests, rather than acting in the interests of Canada.

Trudeau didn’t win many seats in Saskatchewan, so he could care less about ruining their economy and taking away their funding. But, since he won more seats in B.C., he rewards the Horgan government even as they stand in the way of the Trans Mountain pipeline.

When we see this kind of hypocrisy, it’s no wonder that Canadians don’t trust Trudeau’s intentions. If Trudeau really wanted to fight for the pipeline, he would get tough on the B.C. NDP, instead of rewarding them.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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