Hypocrite: Trudeau Threatens To Withhold $62 Million From Saskatchewan For Opposing Carbon Tax, Yet Gave B.C. $4.1 Billion Despite Trans Mountain Opposition

As Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe asked on Twitter, “Is PM actually serious about getting this built?”

There is a massive double-standard in how Justin Trudeau is handling fights between the federal government and provinces.

When Saskatchewan refused to impose Trudeau’s job-killing carbon tax, Trudeau threatened to take away $62 million in ‘green infrastructure’ funding.

Yet, even as the B.C. NDP was ignoring federal law and blocking the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, Justin Trudeau gave Horgan’s government $4.1 billion in infrastructure funding.

So, Saskatchewan got punished for not wanting to wreck their economy, while B.C. got rewarded for trying to wreck a project that would benefit all of Canada.

It’s an outrageous level of hypocrisy, and it shows how Trudeau ‘governs’ based on his own selfish political interests, rather than acting in the interests of Canada.

Trudeau didn’t win many seats in Saskatchewan, so he could care less about ruining their economy and taking away their funding. But, since he won more seats in B.C., he rewards the Horgan government even as they stand in the way of the Trans Mountain pipeline.

When we see this kind of hypocrisy, it’s no wonder that Canadians don’t trust Trudeau’s intentions. If Trudeau really wanted to fight for the pipeline, he would get tough on the B.C. NDP, instead of rewarding them.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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bj stewart

Saskatchewan, Trudeau is from Quebec, Quebec did not sign on to the federation. Trudeau is a usurper in the 9 nation federation. Create your own Provincial public bank and then create you own 62 m green energy money. You, with the consent of the government (people) can do this. The federal fiasco is de facto. Ottawa has zero power in your province.Be a leader, not a beggar. When the money is spent, it is gone. No debt. The cement,sand , gravel used in bridge abutments can not exist in two places at the same time. It was spent into the… Read more »

Rick Churchill

With the Liberals it is never about what is right, it is all about bending to the will of Trudeau. Add the fact that Premier Moe of Saskatchewan questioned Trudeau’s veracity on Twitter and there you have it. It certainly makes me think that he had no intention of building the pipeline, unless of course he can offer it to the Communist Chinese.

Rhonda Godwin

Too right you are, sadly.


I forgot to add, that the Swedish Lady that did this youtube video, wants her safe polite working country back and now calls Sweden, ” Absurdistan”.


18 Trudeau Party members and $4.7 billion. Trudeau is spending almost $228,000,000, yes, 228 million dollars, for each of the 18 ridings in order to buy voter support for their Federal Liberal seats. No wonder we hate Liberals.

Miles Lunn

Not trying to defend Trudeau here, quite the contrary, but this is easy to explain, electoral calculations. In BC, the Liberals have 18 seats so they lose a whole bunch and that makes getting a majority that much harder. In Saskatchewan there are only two winneable ridings. One is Ralph Goodale’s which will stay Liberal as long as he is MP, but once he retires will probably flip to either the Conservatives or NDP. The other is the Desnethe-Missinippi-Churchill River and that one is 60% aboriginal so Trudeau is probably banking on his big spending there to win that one.… Read more »

Andrew Klinzmann

And his double standard that BANS takers on the west coast (with ALBERTA oil) while allowing Saudi tankers on the east coast (with their sharia conflict oil) ? And his double standard that applies so-called “downstream” emissions penalties on all Alberta energy; while Quebec energy is totally exempt ? And his double standard that bans an Alberta aviation fuel pipeline to Vancouver; while allowing a US-built aviation fuel pipeline from Washington state ? And his double standard that halts ALL Alberta coal exports, while allowing the port of Vancouver to be the third largest coal shipping terminal in the world… Read more »

David Heinze

Please see my Open Letter to Premier Notley that I posted on Dave’s Insights on April 15th with my recommendations regarding the Kinder Morgan Pipeline.


Pat Bischoff

This government is hell bent on destroying our economy. Every maneuver they make, proves it. By destroying the economy they impoverish the people by weakening them. Once they are weakened, they take full control and are able to push forward The New World Order. Trying to explain this to Canadians, is like teaching a cat to love water.

Marion Leyland

When did JT give the 4.1 B to BC – is that recent? Keep up the good work, Spencer!

Norbert Kausen

I would say that this is a perfect reason for the west to secede from confederation! Trudeau is a disgrace and must be tossed from office, along with his reprehensible gang of cut-throats!


Couldn’t agree more.!

Clive Edwards

Perhaps the bribe to BC was to stop Western Separation. Without BC, Alberta wouldn’t have a seaport. Unless, of course, Alberta were to invade BC and take over its foreign government….


What a complete moron he is I mean peoplekind

A.A. Burley

I am starting to believe the theory that he is just dragging this out, and doesn’t want to resolve this until after the next election.


That’s fine, that just hardens our resolve to get rid of this despicable bunch, but he’s also certainly fanning the flames of discord and separation. I believe this is a wake up call to the three prairie provinces to hold a referendum and shed an unworkable and untenable one sided confederation. Viva Le’ Republic of Western Canada Libre’


I will be moving to the first privince to separate. A thing to get out from under The Liberal stronfold.

Norman Rockwell

Enjoying the invite. Just sent in a donation. Thank you for your writing!
As for the article itself, it illustrates the hypocrisy of politicians and how the say things on one hand and do something else behind closed doors. Amazing. Endorsing BC and it’s defiance in Trans Mountain and sending billions while slapping Saskatchewan down for not collecting a carbon tax? Wow.

Brian Dougan

“$4.1 billion for BC infrastructure funding.” HAHAHAHA. That’s a good one. BC is crumbling; the highways are a disgrace. BC has decayed badly over the decades. The “government” will deposit the money into general revenue. (i.e. pet socialist causes.)

Clive Edwards

Perhaps Soros is offering matching funds on his pet projects, such as his “color revolution” in Canada, run by Chrystia Freeland, who has her hand firmly up Turdeau’s arse and makes his lips move.

Don Harrison

Spencer I have been asking the following question but no one has given me an answer. DILBIT SINKS so when the inevitable marine accident occurs and hundreds of barrels of this stuff is dumped into the Salish Sea ” DO YOU HAVE A METHOD TO CLEAN IT UP OFF THE BOTTOM?” Or will you like hundreds more that do not know this fact conveniently ignore it while it exudes toxins and poison into the adjacent water killing clams , oysters , all fish and endangering our now endangered ORCA FAMILY??? Dare you come back with an answer???

Sandra D

So human waste is okay to dump into the Strait? Neither is acceptable. One would be an accident or sabotage. But the direct drainage into the Strait has not stopped. All that money given to BC and no one takes that money and build sewage plants, recycle, etc. Who are the hypocrites?

G Hull

Open question: If the transport to coastal waters and shipping on the seas is so hazardous, why has the Trudeau govt. declared a moratorium on WEST coast tankers, but nothing on the EAST coast and St. Lawrence sewer (oops, I meant seaway…) . Waterways are waterways, if the risk is the same, should not the controls be the same, regardless of location???
– Apparently not if politics is a consideration….

Tommy Hawk

The ONLY thing NOT hypocritical about Trudeau is his last name.

A. Grant

You know, if Alberta withholds the transfer payments, we could easily fix that.

Clive Edwards

What was the Bank of Canada and what happened to it? Hint: Turdeau’s dad, Turdeau Sr.