Khalid Gave Award On Trudeau’s Behalf To Head Of Public Relations At Palestine House – An Organization That Lost Funding In 2012 For “Pattern Of Support For Extremism”

The previous government revoked about $950,000 in funding from Palestine House after government said there was a “pattern of support for extremism.” Khalid gave their head of public relations an award on Justin Trudeau’s behalf.

Iqra Khalid and the Trudeau government are facing criticism after Khalid reportedly brought greetings on Justin Trudeau’s behalf to Palestine House – an organization with a controversial past.

Khalid reportedly presented the head of public relations at Palestine House – Amin El-Maoued – an award on behalf of Justin Trudeau. Khalid is also facing criticism for “introducing Palestinian Archibshop Atallah Hanna at an event in Mississauga,” according to iPolitics.

The Conservatives say Atallah Hanna is a support of Syrian Dictator Bashar Al Assad. MP Rachael Harder said Khalid was sent by Trudeau to “bring greetings on his behalf at an event organized by the anti-Israel Palestine House. This event starred a Palestinian activist who supports suicide bombings and who met with President Assad of Syria in 2017,” said Harder.

Palestine House has a controversial history. In 2012, the Harper government pulled $950,000 in taxpayer funding the organization had received for settlement services.

The decision to pull the funding was made while Jason Kenney was the Immigration Minister.

As reported by at the time (February 14, 2012), “Kenney spokesperson Kasra Nejatian told The News today via e-mail that the minister has expressed concern that Palestine House has aligned itself with extremist causes.  Nejatian pointed to several events as cause for concern, most recently a gathering hosted by Palestine House that, according to the minister, celebrated the release of hundreds of terrorists. Additionally, a 2008 event at the cultural centre honouring Dr. George Habash, founder of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), caught the government’s attention. The PFLP is the second-largest of the groups forming the Palestine Liberation Organization and, in the 1960s and ’70s, was responsible for numerous armed attacks and aircraft hijackings.”

Clearly, giving an award to someone from Palestine House is a serious error in judgement.

Khalid made a series of tweets after the controversy spread:

Here’s what Conservative MP Rachael Harder said in the House of Commons:

Many people will be seeing this as yet another example of the Trudeau government’s willingness to cozy up to extremist attitudes, something that should be disturbing to all Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Very disturbing as is a lot of Imams in Canada calling for a caliphate. Why send Khalid-the woman who introduced M-103. Interesting and very scary.

Ivan Hawkes

What immediately bothers me is “WHY” would any Canadian government think it’s within their jurisdiction and mandate to “GIVE” any group $950,000.00 for any reason??? Why would government have permission to just give away such funds? Who makes such a decision, and what is that decision based on? Actually $950,000.00 is nothing compared to the BILLIONS that Justin has GIVEN AWAY. Fact is though, NONE OF IT MAKES ANY SENSE.

Yvonne Coltman

I have the same questions outrage as you do..when did it become acceptable to give any amount of tax money away when ppl who pay the taxes are in need. We call our society our Countr4y great?

Shawn Harris

It would appear that Trudeau’s arrogance has blinded him to the truth and reality. That no Canadian will ever support anyone who rewards terrorism and that when a previous government has defunded the same organization that had been and still is, promoting terrorism and now is rewarded for promoting terrorism, is wilfully blind, arrogant and is traitorous towards Canada , it’s defence and the safety of all Canadians. Iqra Khalid’s excuse- explanation , that she deals with and meets with all types of constituents is a very poor excuse or explanation for endorsing and rewarding our enemies, namely terrorists and… Read more »

Tommy Hawk

Does anyone truly find this to be a ‘surprise’?

If so, they slept through the first act of this play.