Report: Ontario Liberals Busted Pushing Fake Racially-Charged Quote To Smear Doug Ford

The Ontario Liberals are so desperate that they’re now just making stuff up.

With people turning against years of economic incompetence, high taxes, deception, and failure, the Ontario Liberals are now reaching further into the gutter in an attempt to keep their grasp on power.

As pointed out by Ontario Proud on Twitter, the Ontario Liberals were busted sharing the following Tweet:

Of course, Doug Ford never said that.

As noted by the QP Briefing, the Ontario Liberals ended up deleting the Tweet, and replacing it with another one that didn’t make the false claim.

But look again at the original Tweet above.

Even in their own Tweet, it’s obvious that the comment they attribute to Ford was actually made by Trump. The Ontario Liberals are now so arrogant and so desperate that their own Tweets expose themselves as lies. Then, they tried to take the Trump quote and insanely act as if it somehow made Doug Ford racist – ignoring the fact that Ford Nation has supporters from people of all backgrounds and all beliefs.

Clearly, the Wynne Liberals have become totally unhinged, willing to try and spread racially-divisive lies to demonize their opponent.

This is a common and despicable strategy of the radical left: They focus massively on race, yet attack everyone else as ‘racists.’

The Ontario Liberals only backed down on their fake news Tweet because they got caught. There’s no doubt that they would have kept the Tweet up if they weren’t called out on it, and there’s no doubt they won’t keep lying about Doug Ford and everyone else who opposes them.

Such despicable gutter tactics reveal the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the Wynne government. As they see their grip on power slipping, and watch power return to the hands of the people, things will only get more and more disgraceful.

Spencer Fernando