Saskatchewan Joins Alberta In Pushing Legislation To Restrict Oil Exports To B.C.

John Horgan has failed to realize how vulnerable a position he is in.

B.C. is heavily dependent on oil from Alberta.

As a result, Alberta has significant leverage over B.C.

It’s that leverage which Rachel Notley is seeking to utilize as the Alberta government brought forth legislation giving the provincial government the authority to restrict oil and gas exports to B.C.

Now, Saskatchewan has joined in those efforts.

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe has announced that the province will bring in legislation that could restrict the export of oil to B.C.

Here’s what Moe said on Twitter:

“In the coming days, we’ll be introducing legislation to join Alberta in restricting oil exports to BC. If fuel tanks in British Columbia start to run dry because Alberta has turned the taps off, it won’t be Saskatchewan filling them up.”

The unity between Alberta and Saskatchewan on this issue shows how vulnerable John Horgan’s anti-pipeline position has become.

Without oil, the B.C. economy can’t function, and Alberta (and to a smaller extent Saskatchewan) has the oil. So, if Horgan wants to stop Alberta from profiting from their natural resources, why should Alberta be obligated to sell those resources to B.C.?

Horgan appears to have severely misjudged how vulnerable his province is economically, and Saskatchewan’s decision to back up Alberta puts Horgan in an even worse position.

Of course, if Justin Trudeau had any toughness or leadership ability, he would add his support to Alberta and Saskatchewan’s efforts, putting Horgan in a totally impossible situation. Instead, Trudeau delays and delays, showing total weakness.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter