Contrast: While Kathleen Wynne Pretends She’s Running In Some Bizarre Alternate Reality America, Ford Promises Tax Relief For Struggling Ontario Businesses

As she gets more and more desperate, Kathleen Wynne is inventing a bizzaro fantasy-land in which she’s running in the United States against the US President.

As their desperation increases, the Wynne Liberals are becoming increasingly unhinged and untethered from reality.

In a series of odd tweets, Kathleen Wynne is confirming that she intends to act as if she’s running in the United States against the US President, rather than actually focus on Ontario.

It’s absurd, and quite frankly a bit disturbing to see someone so disconnected to reality.

Here’s one of Wynne’s most messed-up tweets:

“Because he may be Donald Trump. But I am not Hillary Clinton. And Ontario is not the United States of America. We can’t let it happen again. Not here, not ever.”


With these tweets, Kathleen Wynne is admitting that she can’t win in the actual reality of Ontario politics, so she’s trying to create a fantasy-land in which she’s somehow running against the current US President.

When you put it that way, it sounds pretty crazy.

And it is. It’s delusional and desperate.

Of course, that’s all that the Ontario Liberals have left. With their poll numbers in the tank, debt exploding, investment leaving, energy costs skyrocketing, and people turning against the government, an alternate reality of fear and lies is all that Wynne has left to offer.

While Wynne flees to bizarro-world, Ford address real issues

Meanwhile, Doug Ford is remaining focused on offering policy ideas.

Today, he announced that a PC government would reduce the business tax rate from 11.5% to 10.5%.

The move would help Ontario business that are increasingly struggling – particularly due to the high energy costs that are severely damaging competitiveness in the province.

Said Ford, “We’re going to create the environment to make sure this province is the most prosperous province anywhere in Canada. We’ll make sure we have the most competitive region in North America to do business.”

Ford’s policy announcement focused on addressing a real problem is a stark contrast from Wynne. While she offers delusion and fear, Ford is offering ideas to create economic growth.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Drama Lieberals/NDP separatist, big debt, no businesses left, unless underground, free gimmicks that are not free and we can no longer afford party. Unless they rig the election, or all that is left in Ontario are too high on pot, brain dead, or worse, someone who is sensible and cares about people should be a breath of fresh air, he is hear to try and help us.
Vote Conservative, go Doug Ontario.
PS; I hope you really do an audit and find out how much waste the Lieberals made and stole.

Moe S.

Grandma Wynne the spin talker used her pious Robin Hood voice to tell Ontarians only she and her merry band of robbers ‘care’ about the people of Ontario. During her announcement, I believe she had a senior memory loss moment, believing she was in the United States and Donald Trump is her opponent and not Doug Ford. She proceeded to insult Trump, the leader of our biggest trading partner, all the while insinuating such insults are an example of her taking the ‘high road’ and not the ‘low road’ a favourite quote of hers by Michelle Obama. The reality is,… Read more »


Thank you Spencer for saying it like it is. I don’t understand how anyone can still be interested in what the libs have to say let alone vote for them. I hope more people read what you have to say. I think the libs should be reduced to non party status but unfortunately there is a core group of 18% of the workers in Ontario that are paid by the government. I hope your message gets out to the voters that want to be informed.

Ralph Knapp

Spencer, You are right on with your observation with respect to Wynne. She is in full stress panic mode. I can’t wait to see the debates when she runs the Trump scenario past Ford in person. Ford’s strength is he is in touch with Joe and Jill Average while Wynne is apparently not in touch with reality these days.

Tommy Hawk

Wynne is the typical Liberal who has come close to ruining what should be one of the richest provinces in Canada with her idiotic policies and is now, similarly to Hillary, with her back against the wall, lashing out incoherently in an attempt to convince the electorate that she is actually sane — something that her policies clearly demonstrate she it not.

Clive Edwards

Best place to do business in North America? I’ll go along with that, as long as he doesn’t turn us into Alabama or one of those Sh*t hole states…. Racing to the bottom of the cesspool isn’t my idea of a place I want to live. Lets make sure we aren’t doing anything we slag China for.

Elizabeth Thorne

We will all lose with Wynne. All you white men make sure you tell your wives to vote for Ford. We all know women can not think for themselves–they all just stay home and bake cookies, right Kathleen?