Kinder Morgan Canada CEO Says Trans Mountain Expansion “May Be Untenable”

Total absence of toughness and leadership from Trudeau puts project at even more risk.

Though it scarcely seemed possible, the Trans Mountain expansion is now at even more risk.

Kinder Morgan Canada CEO Steve Kean says the ongoing political fight over the pipeline project is making it “untenable.”

“It’s become clear this particular investment may be untenable for a private party to undertake. The events of the last ten days have confirmed those views.”

Today, B.C. announced they would pursue court action against the project, a further indictment of Justin Trudeau’s failed pipeline summit.

The Trudeau Liberals have repeatedly said that the pipeline will be built, even floating the idea of potentially spending billions of taxpayers dollars to get it going.

Yet, they have failed to use the leverage they have over the B.C. NDP. As has been pointed out by many, they just gave $4.1 billion in infrastructure dollars to B.C., yet threatened to withhold millions of dollars from Saskatchewan for opposing the carbon tax.

It seems that the Trudeau Liberals are really hoping for the project to fail, but are trying to distance themselves from that possible failure through sneaky, empty rhetoric.

At each step of the way, the Trudeau Liberals have done as little as possible to support the project, offering nothing but empty words and vague ‘promises’ while it gets delayed to death.

Now, it appears Canada is even closer to losing the Trans Mountain expansion, in what would be a win for the radical left, and a loss for the vast majority of Canadians who value our energy industry and value the rule of law.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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It figures…….and not surprised that Kinder Morgan got tired of waiting for the children to stop playing their incessant games. This should be a good lesson, although it will fall on deaf ears and ego’s. The taxpayers of this country seriously need to be taking a look at the leadership or lack there-of in this country. Canada is ( or was) a powerhouse on the world stage, Vast amounts of everything, Clean Fresh Water, Oil, Natural Gas, Minerals, Intelligent People who are world leaders in technology in extracting and processing those with the most efficient, cleanest, and safest ways known.… Read more »

Bill Donaldson

Mr. Spencer. It might be useful to showcase the Minister of Natural Resources, Jim Carr, or as I like to refer to him as, “Carrdboard Jim” who is about as lively on his files as a zombie. He has no background for his portfolio other than being an oboist and an obscure journalist. You’d think Trudeau picked him for Resources minister with that in mind. Gerald Butts arranged for “Carrdboard Jim” to have a sharp and energetic chief-of-staff (CoS) to balance the minister’s torpidity. That CoS is Zoe Caron, a senior staffer very close to Elizabeth May who co-authored a… Read more »

Tommy Hawk

This is certainly no unexpected — but of course, it clearly demonstrates that the wrong person, at the wrong time, for the wrong reasons is dragging our country further and further down an endless financial well and it would appear (or should) to even the most sincere supporter of Trudeau that ‘the budget will NOT balance itself.


This is how the left collapses a country, they can pollute, flying around driving around polluting, so we the people, should not be able to. They heat their homes, we cannot heat ours? unless we are rich and we can buy from, if we can afford it, other countries who still have oil and gas and jobs to earn a living, or be able to heat our home if we can still afford one, on very expensive electricity. Because of our huge debt, they created greedily on purpose, we will go bankrupt, if we protest they will shoot us or… Read more »

Allis Chalmers

We can all complain but we have raised and imported a generation of takers. Everyone with a brain knows never vote into power a socialist govt (Liberal, NDP). last election the takers did just that and now look at our Country and provinces with liberal and ndp govts. I live in Ontario now the bankrupt have not province after 15 yrs of liberal socialists.


Starting with Trudeau, Weaver and Horgan, in that order, it was clear that the Kinder Morgan project was doomed. Right from the start Trudeau made it clear that he would never let any oil project stand in his way to destroy our familiar Canadian way of life. He told us all that he was going to change Canada and so he has. The man is a complete madman who is destroying our country right under the noses of those who bought into his ideology of the New World Order aka Agenda 2030. ONE BORDERLESS GLOBAL WORLD, ONE LEADER, ONE RELIGION… Read more »

Shawn Harris

Trudeau hasn’t realised it yet, that the old saying of “you can’t have your cake and eat it too ” is so very apt for what he is trying to do with Canada’s oil industry.That is destroy it and still expect to have the support from the rest of Canada. And when Kinder Morgan cancels the Trans Mountain pipeline and they will based upon Trudeau’s deceitful behaviour and treachery, Trudeau will find himself to be public enemy number 1. Because Kinder Morgan will sue Canada for billions of dollars, that will total more than the cost of the pipeline. He… Read more »