POLL: Canadians Give Trudeau Negative Reviews For His ‘Management’ Of Trans Mountain Crisis

Many more say Trudeau is doing a poor job than a good job.

A new poll shows Canadians taking a negative view of how Justin Trudeau is dealing with the Trans Mountain pipeline crisis.

According to Angus Reid, 46% of Canadians say Trudeau is doing a ‘poor job’ handling the issue, while just 36% say he is doing a ‘good job.’

18% say they are not sure or can’t say.

Horgan gets even lower ratings than Trudeau, with just 31% saying he is doing a ‘good job,’ while 38% say he’s doing a ‘poor job.’

That leaves Trudeau with the biggest net-negative rating.

By contrast, Rachel Notley and Kinder Morgan get positive ratings from Canadians.

42% say Notley is doing a good job, while 29% say she’s doing a poor job. 38% say Kinder Morgan is doing a good job, compared to 27% who say they are doing a bad job.

As noted by Angus Reid, “the Prime Minister gets negative reviews from both British Columbians (60% of who say he has done a poor job on this file) and Albertans (71%). The only province in which Trudeau receives a net positive assessment is his native Quebec, where 45 per cent say he has done a good job, compared to 37 per cent who say he has done a bad one.”

On another interesting note, while Notley gets net-positive ratings in Alberta (54% say she has done a good job vs 39% who say she’s doing a bad job), she get lower ratings than the pipeline project.

Canadians can see past Trudeau’s empty words

Justin Trudeau keeps spewing out the same talking points, yet the numbers above clearly show that people are seeing past it.

Showing weakness and hypocrisy, Trudeau has refused to get tough with the B.C. government, even as he seeks to punish Saskatchewan for opposing the carbon tax. As a result, people can see that Trudeau’s words and actions don’t match up, and most don’t have confident in his ability to deal with this crisis.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube