Report: Horgan Government Taking Reference Case Vs Trans Mountain Expansion To Court

More evidence of how badly Trudeau’s meeting with Horgan and Notley failed.

The B.C. NDP government is heading to court.

According to the CP, B.C. Environmental Minister George Heyman says“the government will file its legal action over the issue of jurisdiction in the pipeline dispute in B.C.’s Court of Appeal, the highest court available for such an action.”

In a sign of how badly Justin Trudeau’s meeting failed, not only is the B.C. government taking this court action, “Heyman says if B.C. loses in court, the government will continue to exercise its constitutional jurisdiction to protect the province’s environment and economy from the impacts of an oil products spill.”

So, after Trudeau’s meeting with Notley and Horgan, Horgan is doubling down on his opposition to the Trans Mountain expansion, and promising a seemingly endless legal battle.

It’s a clear indictment of Justin Trudeau’s leadership, and shows how horribly he has mismanaged this crisis.

Trudeau has been totally unwilling to threaten any repercussions to the B.C. government, and keeps making empty statements about getting the project done without taking any real action. Yet, he was very willing to threaten Saskatchewan.

It’s becoming quite clear that Trudeau doesn’t really want the Trans Mountain pipeline extension to happen. He’s just going through the motions pretending he does.

Instead of using the clear leverage that he has, he’s letting the B.C. government delay the project to death, ignoring the majority of Canadians who want to see the project happen.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Ron Vos

Even if he went to the Supreme Court and lost he could use the notwithstanding clause.

Tommy Hawk

Other than the intentional destruction of Canada, ‘pretending’ is all he does — and is all he is truly capable of — unfortunately for the country.

He is, however, very proud of the damage he has done and will continue to do, until he is removed from office.

Ron Walton


How about you do a what If Alberta separated and went to international court under the international “landlocked nation agreement”.

Let the morons truly understand what is going to happen


Ron, Unfortunately no one in government has the balls to mention this. It really needs to be brought up & pushed for a referendum.

Del Rokosh

Who is controlling Weaver and Horgan? The two combined don’t have the intelligence to mastermind the destruction of Canada on their own, even with the support of the village idiot costume queen. Any bets the YVR pipeline is being built by a Liberal Communist Chinese company? Don’t be surprised if things get violent and people get hurt or worse. Canada is still worth saving but is close to collapse, courtesy of Trudeau, his Liberals, and the treasonous NDP. Who ever imagined political riots in Canada? True Canadians, arm yourselves to defend this country. Weaver, Horgan and Trudeau all HATE Canada.… Read more »

Don Harrison

Spenser you are also ignoring the fact that DILBIT does not float. It sinks to the bottom of the ocean if and when a tanker inevitably has a spill. If you want to criticize Horgan well and good but also come up with a proven method that DILBIT can be completely cleaned up from the bottom. Or are you content to ignore a spill knowing full well that it not only lays on the bottom of the ocean but it also continuously disperses poison and toxins into the area killing all sea life. I have asked you this question before… Read more »


you also ignored that the ‘dilbit’ is diluted in order to flow which makes it lighter. Care to try again?


Are you being paid by Soros or do you belong to Tides Canada, Dogwood or some other enviro-fascist cult? You sound like a professional protester. An oil spill would likely help clean up the open sewer that is currently referred to as the Salish Sea. The only toxins that have been spewed into the oceans around BC for decades come from human feces and industrial waste. The wild Salmon are being killed by horrible diseases from farmed Salmo. Seals, possibly poisoned by diseased fish, are found dead on the beaches and shores so often it doesn’t make the news anymore… Read more »

A.A. Burley

If they do this Alberta might as well turn off the taps. What is BC going to do? You can’t get blood out of a rock.

Clive Edwards

I remember a saying from the days when Turdeau’s dad screwed around with Alberta oil. “Let them freeze in the dark”. Then it applied to Ontario and Quebec. Now it applies to BC. BC should be cut off oil so they have no choice but self-driving electric cars. Why “self-driving”? I’ve lived there and Richmond drivers in particular don’t know how to drive and have been known to bribe driving examiners. Same crowd Turdeau is sucking up to for another “free trade” agreement. Globalist criminals hang together because they don’t want to be hung separately, as the saying goes.


Del, and Ron you say better than I, what I believe will happen and I wish would not, thank you.